10 Creative Small Shower Ideas for Small Bathroom

Shower in a Small Space, Could be a Great Idea. Nowadays people are getting more busy and do not have much time to do everything. Even while they are taking shower, they would just be quick. That is why small shower ideas now what people are searching for.

Color Paints for Small Shower Ideas

Many people did a mistake by choosing dark color paints for their small showers. Well, it is fine if you actually like the colors. But little did they know, dark colors create an illusion for our bathrooms to be even smaller. So if you do not want to get the feeling of suffocated, I recommend you to choose brighter natural colors like white, cream, or grey. With the right bright colors, it would make you feel free and you can relieve the stress while taking a shower. And as my mother once said, brighter color would show more whether it is our time to clean the bathroom or not.

Tiles for Small Shower Ideas

The good thing about small shower is, you do not have to spend a lot of money by using expensive materials for your shower floor. The beautiful and elegant natural colors of marble stones or onyx can beautify the look of our small shower. If you are into ethnic style, you can also put wooden, just make sure that you will always keep it dry since it gets moldy easily. It is also necessary to wax the wooden floor to keep the surface from scratching.

Mirrors for Small Shower Ideas

Besides reflecting the look of yours, mirrors have another ability to create the space of your small shower look bigger. You can put mirrors on the wall of your bathroom if you want to make it look wider. But be careful, do not put mirrors just to everywhere. As we know, exaggeration always gives a bad outcome. You have to be smart and wise to choose which part of your bathrooms should be covered in mirrors. We do not want to let your face bumps with the mirror because of the confusion sight these mirrors create!

Lightings for Small Shower Ideas

Putting beautiful lights inside the bathroom is considerably a good idea. Put simple, small bathroom lamps on the top roof or stick a decorative lights on the mirror. Nicely designed lights would create a nice shadow and illusion, as well as a bigger space too. My suggestion is not to put too heavily designed lights like chandelier-like lamps. It would just make your small bathroom looks even more tiny.

Sliding Doors for Small Shower Ideas

Simple design Sliding Doors for Small Shower

Shower curtain sometimes do not work to avoid the bathroom floor outside the shower from dryness. That is why it is needed to use a clear sliding door instead of curtain. The tough and sturdy sliding door would keep the water from splashing outside. Don’t you just hate it when you wet all the rugs after shower and you have to work again to clean it?

Curtain for Small Shower Ideas

Small Shower design plans

Small bathroom design plans

Vessel sink for small bathroom

Simple white vessel sink for small bathroom

Small Shower Ideas with sink

Wallpaper Bathroom ideas

Wallpaper Bathroom ideas for small bathroom

Shower ideas for small bathroom are actually simple and easy to get as long as you know the basic rules from the article above. I guess small shower is not too complicated like master bathroom. For myself, I prefer small shower since it is easier for me to clean and maintain it.

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