10 Ideas For Your Bathroom Paint

Bathroom paint ideas,- There are many ways to make your bathroom looks better instead of renovating, changing, or putting more the bathroom accessories inside. One of the ways is by re-painting your dull wall. Many colors and patterns to repaint your bathroom in order to look more fun. Although much of the interior design advise various alternative colors for the bathroom, but I think your colors are the most appropriate choice. Hence I am going to talk about simple yet awesome bathroom paint ideas.

Paint color selection for bathrooms paint ideas

Classic Yet Awesome Bathroom Paint Ideas

One of the bathroom paint choices is always classic. The color can be used any time, just timeless. Basically, what you have to choose is bathroom paint, which is different from other paints. Bathroom paints do not get moldy easily. As we know, the condition inside the bathroom is always humid and steamy, especially after we take that relaxing hot bath or hot shower. There is the time when we accidentally wet the walls too. These kinds of condition made the bathroom should be ready to protect the wall from getting the growing mold. And bathroom paint has a special chemical inside that will protect your bathroom wall from those problems.

White color on classic style bathroom decor

Calm color combination for bathroom

The best bathroom paint to choose is high-gloss one, since this kind is likely to covered in plastic when it’s dry. But since it does not look good, you may put this kind of paint on the bottom part of the wall. While for the bathroom wall you want to show, you need to get a more beautiful paints like semi-gloss or satin type. And about classic bathroom paint, it usually uses only one calm color of bathroom paint, or two at most. The choice of the color usually is contrasts color like the combination of dark and bright, or another type is the combination of two calm and gentle colors.

High-gloss bathroom paint ideas

Gentle colors bathroom paint ideas – image by hgtv.ca

Dark and bright colors bathroom paint

Modern Yet Awesome Bathroom Paint Ideas

Choose your color and start painting

If you think classic bathroom paint ideas are just mediocre and boring, you can be more creative by working on your bathroom paint, actually. For example is this one, first thing first, you have to prepare the plain colored wall and you have to make sure that there is no additional patterns there. After you think that everything is alright, you can choose one or some of your favorite pictures, then edit it to be a stencil-like picture. If you think that picture is fine, you measure the size you want on the size of your bathroom wall. After that, you can print that stencil-like picture, cut the dark part, and prepare for paint or paint brush.

Creative painting bathroom wall

If you want to be more neat, I think you better choose paint brush with the opposite or contrast color with your bathroom wall. All set, and what you have to do next is to stick your stencil paper onto the wall and start to brush the hollow part of the stencil with the paint brush. Let it dry then take off that stencil paper. Voila! That is the simple magic you can do to make your bathroom look modern and pop-artsy.

Stencil painting ideas for bathroom

Vertically paint ideas for bathroom

If you want to make it looks like wallpaper, do the repetition for that stencil. Another choice to make your bathroom paint looks like a wallpaper is to choose two to five paints of your favorite color and two to five paint rollers, according to how many colors you want. Use each color for each paint. After that, paint each color vertically side by side, then tell me what you have got there! These ideas are so fun, aren’t they?

Green & white bathroom paint colors – by Laura Britt Design at houzz.com

So those are classic and modern yet awesome bathroom paint ideas. Does my article sparks you some more ideas? If yes, that is awesome!

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