Antique Interior Doors Design Ideas & Review

As we know that interior doors are really much and various. Most of them offer you a unique and antique shape and forms. Antique interior doors are available in may store to buy. You can buy antique interior doors even with inexpensive price. They come into variety prices and also colors. The main goal why many homeowners choose antique interior doors for their homes is just to improve the esthetic value. Everything ‘antique’ will make your home nuance feel different than others. Well, below are some samples of Antique interior doors are sold in the market areas.

Antique white interior doors design

Antique Interior Painted Poplar Doors

Well, you can see 3 interior painted poplar doors in really good form with an original glass knob and brass knobs hardware in the original door jambs. The type of the door sizes are about 2 @ 26” wide by 80 ½” high, the both are completed with the glass knobs on one single side brass on other. Meanwhile the 3rd door has 30 inch wide by 80 ½ inch of the high and completed by a a pair of glass knobs and also full glass mirror on one side. Most of this interior painted poplar doors are sold with $ 125.00 + crating.

Interior painted poplar doors

Antique painted poplar interior doors

2 Huge Old Antique 4 Raised Panel Painted Solid Wood Interior Doors
Getting high antique interior doors with old fashion and so antique. It is also completed with the big old honking antique four raised panels painted doors with the great moldings inside. Those also came out of the big ancient 1800’s house that had magically changed to be an apartment building. The size is about 35  3/4″ w x 94  3/4″ h x 1  3/4″ thick. One is white, one is brown and even they can be combined together to produce the large French door type.

Painted solid wood interior doors

Antique interior french doors

Antique sliding glass interior doors

Exactly these are able to use as the entry doors as well as long as their thickness at 1 3/4″ thick. Well, you can also see about interior bifold doors, we hope that antique interior doors can inspire you to get the similar designs of the door to your home.

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