Basement Laundry Room Ideas, Washing in The Basement isn’t Too Horrible

Basement laundry room is a good idea where you’re able to place the laundry room in the basement. It is so impressive because we can use unused room such as basement to be used to get the advantages. It can be the new thing for your life and even it isn’t too as bad as you think because the basement becomes as terrible as you think after the washing machine and cabinets put here.  But only the one that you should understand that you don’t need to ignore decoration and cleanness in it. Don’t ever think that basement laundry room is dark and then you let it in the dirty condition. Let’s learn how to remodel basement laundry room ideas and make this becomes brighter and comfortable.

Paint the ceiling basement laundry room – image:

3 Ideas for Basement Laundry Room

The first thing that you should do is painting. You can also paint laundry room walls with a solid brighter colors i.e. pink, green, fresh red, blue to add the vibrancy in the space that be regarded as the ‘horrible’ area. The other opt is by add to paint the mural on one of the walls to give decorative impression in it. Consider the landscape views such as forest, sea, jungle, garden views or even another pleasure things such as animations that be combined with natural background paints.  If you aren’t too skilled to do the murals, you can rent the local painter with the low cost service.

Add Some Plants
Although you are able to use the real plants in the basement laundry room as long as they can function in the darker areas, the imitation / plastic plants might be less hassle. The plants can hung on the ceiling from the hook and if it’s possible put them in the corner or above the table is good idea. Faux flower bouquets can also make the atmosphere around to be more amazing and fresh.

Decorative Shelving
If you plan to install the laundry room shelves, there are tow opts, plain or with solid colors. Try covering them with patterned- adhesive shelf liners can make it looks more eye catching. You certainly can get the shelf liners in many places including in every home improvement stores of your town.  You can also place it on the wall behind the items of the shelves. Re-painting the shelving when its color got blur or darker is absolutely suggested. It will make your shelving looks charming and beautiful, moreover when the color is adjusted with the basement decoration.

Well, we expect the basement laundry room ideas above can inspire you to make it looks new, eye catching and leaving horrible impression.

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