Bathroom Curtain Ideas – What You Need To Think Before You Get It

Bathroom curtain ideas,- A bathroom is incomplete without windows because windows work as the channel to let the air circulation. And due to privacy issues, a bathroom window is also incomplete without nice bathroom curtain that can be closed whenever we need to. Nowadays, aesthetics are also placed in every part including curtains. Hence I am going to talk about various bathroom curtain ideas.

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Choosing Draperies for Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Firstly is to remember that do not choose too heavy material as draperies for your bathroom, especially the one that touches the floor, unless you really love the elegant and classic style. If you want to have that Victorian style drapery for your bathroom curtain, you should be careful to do not wet the floor and especially the curtain. It is because once you wet the curtain, you should washing to prevent it to get moldy. If you are aware of this and want to put more elegance inside the bathroom, you can even accessorize the curtain by putting valances. Yes, valances work in bathroom too, not only for the interior of your house.

Pleated valances and draperies might be your best choice if you want to put more luxurious feeling inside your bathroom. For the price of these kinds of curtains, I must say it is quite pricey. Well, sometimes the price just shows the value of a particular stuff, and it is valid to this bathroom business as well. With the price starts from $300, you will get the finest draperies for your bathroom. On the other hand, if you just like the simple style, it is another choice for you to get a simple curtain without any heavy patterns or pleats.

Victorian Style Drapery bathroom curtain ideas

Choosing Rods for Bathroom Curtain
However the nice bathroom curtain you choose, it would just look awful if you do not put a nice rod to hang the curtain. That is why many different styles of rods are available on the market. If you like something classic, you can choose the rustic iron rod, with classic style carved metals. If you just like the simple one, you can just choose a metal ring hook, ring clip, or tie-back without any details or patterns showing on the surface of the metal. But one thing you should remember, whatever kind of rods you choose, just choose the one that fits the kind of curtain you bought, or else everything would be a mess!

Rod and Rings bathroom curtain

Choose The Right Rod and Rings!

Choosing Colors for Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Bathroom curtain with calm color

If You Like Simplicity, Choose The Bathroom Curtain With Calm Color

If you are a classic person, you know which colors work best with your taste. Elegant earthy colors like brownish red, beige, dark red, and dark green might match with your taste buds, especially if you want your curtain to be pleated. Despite of the beautiful look of those colors, they also work well with every color of wall paints and window coverings, which mostly are white. You can also get the ones with various patterns like flower, curve, or other patterns you like.

Pure white drapery bathroom curtains ideas

Choose A Pure White Drapery If You Want To Make Your Bathroom Looks Elegant

So those are all that I can say about choosing the color, rod, and the style of draperies and also about bathroom curtain ideas. I hope this article is useful to help you to choose the curtain for your bathroom!

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