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Bathroom flooring ideas,- A nice bathroom is incomplete without a nice bathroom floor. That is why many it is important to choose the right bathroom floor according to the bathroom. In present, it is important to design your bathroom floor with good bathroom flooring. Here I am going to talk about bathroom flooring ideas!

Natural Bathroom Flooring Ideas

If you like natural style, you can try natural bathroom flooring with natural stones or wooden as material. The natural river stones usually put as mosaic, which creates such natural and traditional look. Natural river stones mosaic floor fits for shower shower stall part where normally gets wet by the water. Because it will get wet a lot, you have to brush it after use and do not let the water stays because it gets moldy easily.

Bathroom shower with pebble river stones floor

Pebble river stones bathroom floor

While for the dry part of the bathroom, you can choose concrete flooring, which is using oversized concrete stone tiles. Or if you want to be experimental and make the bathroom looks different for each part, you can use wooden, such as hardwood and oak. Hardwood and oak are good to prevent the temperature inside the bathroom from being too cold. Besides these wooden materials, bamboo can also be another interesting choice. As we know that people use bamboo for serenity, just matched with the idea of bathroom itself, a place to relieve our stressful mind.

Wooden bathroom floor design

Classic / traditional Bathroom Flooring Ideas
Another style to choose is classic, where you can put heavy bathroom accessories with expensive elements. The examples of those expensive elements can be marble stones, travertine, or vintage pattern tiles which are famously used since long time ago. Using pebble stone tile might be another alternative. With its traditional method to build the tiles one by one, the classy level would just even increased. When you would like to install classic style bathroom floor, you have to be smart for choosing the color. Choose calm colors like white or beige, and combine it with the opposite shade or darker shade. Do not combine too many colors because the main element of classic itself is simple yet elegant.

Carrara marble classic bathroom flooring

Classic bathroom flooring design

Modern Bathroom Flooring Ideas
For those who do not really fancy a particular style, you can just choose the neutral and modern bathroom flooring. You can just use the normal white colored 12×12 ceramic tiles as the floor. This kind of flooring is used by many people because it is just timeless, can be considered as classic, and the neutral color can be combined with any style for the bathroom wall and accessories.

Modern white tile bathroom flooring

Stylishly Functional Bathroom Flooring Ideas

These dark tiles are ready to make your floor look flawless

Some of us are just busy with too much work from office and we do not have time to clean, especially to brush our bathroom floor! That is why you can choose stylishly functional flooring by using dark colored tiles in large pieces with texture which will hide the bathroom dirt you made!

So those are the bathroom flooring ideas. Which one do you keep in mind? But I am sure you have endless creativity which just popped up after reading the article. and lastly, to enrich your knowledge on the bathroom floor, see also best tile for bathroom floor. So, what are you waiting for? Just apply your idea with the rules above.

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