Bathroom Mirror Ideas: Choose The Best Type for Your Bathroom

Bathroom mirror ideas,- A mirror is one of the essential elements of bathrooms. Besides for people to observe themselves inside the bathroom, putting mirrors in the right place can also give a wider bathroom illusion. Now I am going to talk about bathroom mirror ideas you can apply in your bathroom.

When talking about bathroom mirror ideas, there are at least three types of bathroom mirror. First, there are fixed mirrors which are often fitted into cabinets or into a door. The second, there are hanging wall mirrors, and lastly, there are moving mirrors which can be mounted, moved, and pivoted.

Framed & fixed bathroom mirrors

Functional Bathroom Mirror Ideas

For bathroom owners, you can use small bathroom mirror. With the width and height each is started from 20 inches, the mirror would just suit your tiny bathrooms. There are many types of this small mirror such as framed and frameless. The framed mirror itself has three kinds, the one that is mounted on the wall, the other is the one that can be hanged on the wall, and another is table-top, where you can just put the mirror on the top of the table. Unlike the other types of mirror, table-top mirrors should have a bigger size than the rest because if it is small, it would be hard for us to face the mirror in eye-level. For the frameless mirror type, usually it is mounted on the wall.

Table-top Mirror, Better Choose The Big Size

For mirrors which are used only for us to observing our looks, it is better to get a mirror which gives you a clear reflection. Before you buy it, take a look for one to five times to make sure whether you like the mirror or not. If you are a fan of some classic style, you can choose a clear mirror with an elegant Venetian framing made of brass, or Indian wooden carving.

Hanged bathroom mirror

A frameless mirror normally is mounted on the wall

To complement the mirror, it is also necessary to put the lightings. Men do not want to cut your chin while shaving, do they? That is why lights are available for making the reflection even clearer. For women, some particular lightings are also available for dressing up and putting on the make-ups. The right light would just help the women to make themselves look pretty.

Complementary Bathroom Mirror Ideas
A bathroom with a nice mirror and nice lighting is just perfect
Not only for aesthetics, some bathroom mirrors have some specific function. There are some kind of a mirror such decorative bathroom mirrors which is designed to maximize your bathroom decor. Lightings are not only for the person who are looking at the mirror too, lightings would also make the look of the bathroom look prettier. With the glowing lights coming from the lightings, which are reflected by the mirror, the bathroom would just look classy and luxurious.

Nice lighting on dressing table mirror

Another example is a cabinet bathroom mirror, where you can open the mirror and you can find a cabinet inside it. It suits those who like simplicity. You can put your tooth paste, tooth brushes, shampoo, soap, or other bathing accessories and medicines there. By having a bathroom mirror cabinet, you do not have to buy another cabinet for keeping your bathing stuff.

A Cabinet Bathroom Mirror Suits Those Who Like Simplicity

Frameless mirror on white dressing table

If you are confused which shape of bathroom mirror does suit your master bathroom shower, choose the rectangle shape because of its neutral shape which will just suit every kind of bathroom. If you want to put more feminine accent inside your bathroom, put the oval shape, because of its graceful and curvy shape. There are thousands more of bathroom mirror ideas actually. But this space is just not enough. You can even put any patterns of glass art in your mirror, as long as you do not put it on the part where it is supposed to reflect your figure!

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