Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom

A Shower Curtain Is Always Needed For Shower, Instead of shower stalls, some people just prefer shower curtain since it is more affordable and easier to install. Here I am going to talk about various bathroom shower curtain ideas to make your shower curtain look better than those pricey shower stalls! There are at least four main ideas about shower curtain for bathroom. First is colorful bathroom shower curtain, then classic bathroom shower curtain, customized bathroom shower curtain, and the last is beautifully Hand-made shower curtain. Want to know more about these four ideas? Read details about shower curtain ideas below.

Colorful Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas

Colorful bathroom shower curtains suit best for plain white bathroom, I guess. The contrast between the colorful curtain and the white wall would just make your bathroom look beautiful. Choose the one with gentle pattern and calm colors, since the purpose of having a bathroom is to clean as well as to relieving the stress.

Classic Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas
Using bathroom shower curtain with classic colors like brown or red might be a great choice for you. Just like colorful shower curtain, this idea fits more to be applied for white bathroom. The curtain would work as a bold statement on how classy you are. Choose the one that is not tacky but with elegant patterns, Greek-like or Italian patterns for example. Or if you like the basic colors, you can put a simple black and white shower curtain with simple patterns to show the simplicity of the bathroom owner’s personality.

Customized Bathroom Shower Curtain Ideas
Apparently, you can make your own shower curtain! No, I did not mean that you have to make the shower curtain from the first place, but just get a transparent shower curtain and start to paint it with acrylics paints. It can be a great activity between you and your kids at home on the weekend. It would also grow the creativity instead of just buying the ready-to-use version one. This kind of shower curtain would be different from others, and can be considered as the work of art, just with shower curtain as the canvas.

Paint Your Own Shower Curtain!

Hand-made Shower Curtain Ideas
If you realize that you are a bad painter but you do not want to get the same, mediocre style shower curtain, you can order a custom-made shower curtain from craft-maker. These great artists would do great design for the surface of your shower curtain, I am sure. Another way to project your creativity while you are not really good in painting is by sewing. Yes, choose a white fabric shower curtain or any color you would like to choose, threads, scissors, ruler, and a sewing machine. Next step is to cut several layers of the shower curtain, and then sew it like a ruffle. If you have different color of shower curtain, sew it layer by layer until it creates a rainbow-like ruffle. Voila! You have made your own ruffled shower curtain. I am sure your guests who come to the toilet would be amazed. Also feel free to see best bathroom shower curtain ideas.

So those are four ideas that just popped up from my mind. If you want to know more about master bathroom shower, you can read it here on the Master Bathroom Shower Ideas. I know that thousands more better ideas are now just floating on your heads after reading this article. What we need to know, whatever the design of our shower curtain, it is better to maintain in every day. Do not forget to dry it by wiping it after we are taking a shower, and unfold it to let it dry. Because if it stays folded hanging next to the shower, it would just easier to get moldy.

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