Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas – Material, Color and Pattern

Bathroom shower tile ideas,- The most important thing to build a bathroom is choose the right bathroom shower tile to prevent it from slippery after we showered. It is certainly not exclusively about choosing materials but also relating to the color and pattern of tile. Here I am going to talk about various amazing bathroom shower tile ideas. Below are the few images that may inspire you. Check it out!

Green tiles in elegant bathroom design – image

Flower pattern on green tile – image by

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas for Cold Floors

Renovating bathroom shower tiles!

Sometimes we can’t just stand the cold weather. Especially after we are taking shower, going down from the tub and starting to step over the bathroom floor, and then there comes the shocking thing! The very cold floor that is ready to torture the bottom of your cold feet. Cold feet on cold floor, what could be worse? That is why bathroom tiles heater are available on the market. This kind of heater suits better for ceramics or stone tiles. If you want to install the heater, you have to reconstruct the tiles by taking them out and stick the heater panels under it. After that, re-install all the tiles and you would never experience such shocking thing as the cold feet on the cold floor any more.

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas for Beautiful Bathrooms

For those who are concern about aesthetics, should also care about the beauty of their bathroom shower tile. Apparently, it is not only the expensive marble stones and luxurious ceramics that fit beautiful bathrooms the best. Mosaics of various beautiful stones and glasses can be a great choice for luxury yet ethnic style lovers. Installing ceramics full of pattern can also be another choice. Nowadays, many shops are selling ceramics with various patterns like Victorian style or others.

Luxurious marble stone for bath

Luxurious marble stone ideas for bathroom

This suits the best for those who like classics element. Another way is for you, who is a simple person who want to save money and do not want to use those expensive materials, you can use simple and plain tiles with black and white colors, if you do not really like colors, or various bright colors of tiles. Experimeting with colors in your bathroom might be a great idea. To make it even more unique, paint the bathroom wall. I am sure your bathroom is going to be awesomely one-of-a-kind. Just be creative because on the other hand, creating something beautiful actually does not require a very expensive price.

Colorful bathroom ceramic tiles

Colorful bathroom ceramic tiles

Red, white and black tile – Colorful bathroom tiles ideas

Green, white and light brown tiles ideas

Green, white and light brown tiles – Colorful bathroom tiles ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas for Super-Dry Bathrooms
For the super-dry bathroom, you can use wooden tiles. I know you would be happy to hear it, especially if you love ethnic style. But remember, you must always have to clean it with rugs or mops every time you wet it, because wooden get rotten easily. Do not forget to wax the surface as well to prevent it from scratching.

Beautiful and natural wooden bathroom floor – image by

Bright bathroom with wooden floor in shower area – image by

Any kind of style you choose, you have to be conscious about the color between the tiles and the walls. Find the color that calm you since bathroom is a place to relieve your stress. Natural color like white or cream might be a great choice for master bathroom. And use color of the brighter shade only as the accents of the tiles’ patterns. It is also important to make it water-resistant and get dry easily. Remember what I said from the very first paragraph, you do not want to fall down after showering because of the wet and slippery floor. Clean the tiles by brushing it weekly would also help it to prevent from molding which is leading to slippery as well. Remember, a color with brighter shade to complement the accent!

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