Bathroom Tile Backsplash Ideas

Bathroom tile backsplash,- After we use the sink, sometimes water just splashed out and created this mini pool behind the sink. When the water wet the walls, it is going to make the wall humid and get more chance to get moldy faster. Nowadays people look for bathroom backsplash ideas which are combined with aesthetics and fine functions. Check the article below to find out more ideas for your amazing bathroom backsplash.

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas for Mosaic Style

Mosaic style is applicable to every part of a bathroom, walls, floors, including its backsplash. The main idea of this style is to show the attractiveness of the bathroom and it’s perfect for master bathroom. Can’t you just feel how attractive the combination of each little pieces of stones, metal, or ceramics? With various little pieces stick together on the wall as the backsplash, you would not feel bored every time you should use the sink. Well, maybe I sound so exaggerrating, but can’t you imagine if your backsplash is just plain white? Besides that, bathroom has always been a place for guests to take a visit. By having a beautiful mosaic bathroom backsplash, your guests would not feel disappointed.

Beautiful sunflowers mosaics backsplash

Many materials can be used as the mosaic
For example is marble stone if you are a classy person who wants your bathroom to look luxurious. Marble stone is expensive and does not go well with other material and color. It means that if you use marble stone for your backsplash, you have to use the same material as the bathroom wall as well.

White marble stone backsplash ideas

You can choose stones like river stones or travertine, if you love natural and earthy color.  This kind of material is also durable because natural stones are water absorbing. But you have to keep in mind that you should clean it by brushing it weekly since it gets moldy easily.

River stones bathroom backsplash

Metal mosaics are for those who like eclectic style because you can put the mosaic in order to create such pattern. But you should also keep it dry from the water splashing, because metals can corrode easily.

Metal mosaics tile, image by Eden Mosaic Tile at

The last one, ceramic mosaic, which is the one with affordable price. You can just combine every color of ceramics or design it as a pattern for your backsplash.

Ceramic tile combination for bathroom backplash

Bathroom backsplash – vibrant tile design ideas

Bathroom Backsplash Ideas for Plexiglass

Glass stones mosaics ideas

Besides making your bathroom to look more beautiful, plexiglass backsplash make your bathroom even prettier. With its light reflecting material, your bathroom backsplash would just look glowing and brighter when it gets touched by the lights, either the vanity lights or natural lights. You can cut the plexiglass to various form and stick it on the backsplash walls. For the perfect look of a backsplash, you can even combine the plexiglass with glass stones. In my opinion, small bathroom looks better if it has a plexiglass bathroom backsplash inside. It is simply because the plexiglass backsplash would give the illusion of lights, if the small and ordinary bathroom is focusing on its beautiful and glowing backsplash, the small and ordinary bathroom would just look wider and extraordinary in instance.

One Example of Plexiglass Sheet

So those are bathroom backsplash ideas that just opened your creative mind. Now I know that many ideas are running inside your brain. Just remember that after you get your nice backsplash, you have to take care of it by keeping it dry and cleaning it.

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