Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Touch up Your Bathroom

Bathroom vanity ideas,- A bathroom without its beautiful vanity is like a bathroom without a soul. Besides making your bathroom looks more beautiful, vanities can also hide your plumbing and can also be where you can store your bathing essentials or accessories. Hence I am going to talk about bathroom vanity ideas to increasing the charming look of bathrooms.

The Elegant Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for The Style

You can choose the bathroom vanity style according to what you prefer. There are many styles available actually, such as traditional, eclectic, contemporary, and casual. If you like ethnic essence, you can put the timeless traditional style. With the addition of finely carved frames or even sculptures inside your bathroom, you can gain the level of luxury inside your bathroom. If you think that’s too much but you want to be different, you can apply the eclectic style where you can combine two different or contrasts elements to be one or assymetrical stuff. If you like to be a little less unique than eclectic style, you can choose contemporary style where most of the style is rich with symmetrical arrangements and smoothly carved cabinets.

Bathroom Vanity Traditional Classic Style

For another style is casual style for those who do not want a complicated style. Colors use for casual style is normally warm or pastel colors with not too much details and patterns. A casual style vanity just gives a warm and relaxing feeling.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas – Casual Style Vanity

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for The Finishing Touch

Most of the materials used for bathroom vanities are wooden. But it is not just like that. To make it more into a perfection, the experts veneered or laminated the wooden vanities as the finishing touch. It is important so that the wooden used for the vanity would be protected from the growing mold. Besides that, the glowing and glossy looks of the surface that laminates the vanity would just make the vanity looks even much better.

By Laminating, Bathroom Vanity Would Look Glossy

Bathroom Vanity Ideas for The Tops

Well, we can not just think about what’s on the bottom part of the vanity, but the tops as well! What you need to remember is that you have to choose the material for the vanity tops that are durable, has the ability from staining and scratching, and last but not least is very easy to clean. The most common materials that are usually used for the vanity tops are polymer, natural stones, quartz, or even the ordinary ceramic tiles. What you want to choose is up to you, depending on your taste and budget. But if you are looking for the one that has a high durability, I recommend you to choose natural stones, engineered stones, or quarts. But you have to remember that you should have the right budget as well. And another thing to remember is, even though stones are impervious to water, you have to keep it dry and brush it daily to prevent it from the growing mold.

The Most Durable Vanity Top Is Made Of Engineered Stones or Quartz

These are the bathroom vanity ideas for touch up your bathrooms! I hope this article can help to improve and beautify your bathroom!

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