Bathroom Window Ideas to Complement Your Bathroom

Bathroom window ideas,- A window in a bathroom is very usable as a channel for air circulation and natural light, but when it comes to bathroom windows, you have to be careful what you choose because a bathroom is a private place. Nowadays, a lot of people look for beautiful or unique bathroom window ideas that are pretty yet functional as well.

A Simple Fiberglass Bathroom Window

Big Bathroom Window Ideas

86% of scientists say that the best time to get inspiration is when you take a bath or shower. Sometimes it is good to contemplate your days and your future plans while you are bathing because that is the time when you feel refreshed. When you’re contemplating, sometimes it’s nice to look outside at nature’s beauty. To enjoy a lovely view of the outside, it is better to get a big bathroom window. For example, a cathedral window with arched frames may be a good idea if you like a classic style.

Cathedral style / Classic bathroom window ideas

Another good idea is to install wall to wall windows if you want to have a full view of the outside. This kind of window fits well bathrooms that are located in higher buildings or deserted areas, like in the woods for example. If you do not want the whole wall to be windows, but still want some windows, you can get a corner wall window, where the corner part of your bathroom is a glass window. You can place your bath tub in the corner so you can bathe and enjoy the view at the same time. If you need help with placement, a professional can help get you what you want.

Big Bathroom Window Ideas

But remember, what you do in your bathroom is a private thing. You do not want other people to be able to see in while you’re in there. To solve this problem, you can put a frosting on the glass, where it allows you to see outside clearly, but obstructs the view from the outside in.

Etched frosted waves bathroom window ideas

Decorative Bathroom Window

Frosted glass bathroom windows

Small Bathroom Windows Ideas

Yes, You Can Put Porthole Windows Inside Your Bathroom!

If you are too afraid to install a window inside your bathroom due to the privacy issue, there is another choice for you. There are various types of small bathroom windows you can choose from. Besides giving you natural light from the outside, small window give you a nice view too even if they’re small.

For the style itself, there are portholes or clerestory windows. Clerestory windows are usually placed as high windows to give your bathroom a nice celestial view, while porthole windows look more artsy and unique and give you a feeling that you are inside a ship. For the glass type, you can just install the normal glass or frosted-glass.

A Simple Bathroom Window For Celestial Lights

Just find what you really want by referencing this article and then install the right windows for your bathroom!

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