Battery Operated Table Lamp for Comfortable Room

Putting a table lamp on your room is useful when you want to read or doing some document works. But one thing is pretty annoying from the usual table lamp, the cord. The cord keeps getting tangled in everything. The lamp itself could fall if the cord is getting tangled on your feet when you are getting out of the room. And you can’t freely move your table when you want to redecorate your room. The table needs to be close to the electrical port so that it could power the table lamp. So, an excellent solution comes from the battery operated table lamp. The lamp itself is without a cord so that you don’t need to be afraid to get tangled.

Small and unique design of battery operated table lamps

The benefits of battery operated table lamp

The battery operated table lamp is fancy when you put it on your working table. The table lamp is also used as sleeping light when you place it on the dresser in the bedroom. But the downside of a battery operated lamp is that the battery needs to be changed when it runs out the power. There is also lamp equipped with a rechargeable battery to save you from the trouble changing the battery.

Beautiful design of rechargeable battery operated table lamps

Battery operated table lamps led lighting

The light comes in many styles. You can choose the one with modern, sophisticated body with a white shade. Or maybe you want something classic? Taste the glory of Victorian Era by selecting 34-inch cordless decorative lamp with crown stand and classic pale white shade from Sterling’s collection. An abstract style with twisted body in pearl color and the silvery finish on the black pedestal made by Deborah Benz is for those who want the ultimate artistic feeling out of table lamp.

Decorative battery operated table lamps

Square cordless battery operated table lamps with remote controlled

Small decorative battery operated table lamps

Vintage design of battery operated table lamps

Luxurious design of battery operated table lamps

The good thing for you is that you can make your battery operated table lamp by little bit changing your usual table lamp. To make your DIY lamp, you need a 9-volt battery and its clip, a wire stripper, extra cables, a small powered bulb or you can pick LED, and solder. You need to open the cap of the lamp first and tinker with the cord. Connect the cord to the LED or low powered bulb you have. Then open the bottom part of the lamp to tinker with the cord. Cut the cord to make it short and then try to connect the cord to the 9-volt battery. Close everything up and your DIY cordless is ready to give you some light.

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