Bedroom Ceiling Fans with Lights Installation Guidelines

Sometimes having the lights and fans are the two different things. Of course by using the two both in your bedroom, it will be so wastefully. Except that you want to use a new innovation of fans. It is a bedroom ceiling fans with lights. It is more efficient and economical in my opinion, even some of the homeowners agree that it saves more electricity energy. You don’t need to buy a ceiling fan and light separately. They present in a same appliance and can be used together. They also come in many prices, designs, quality, brands and also different brands. For the price, probably it is more expensive than a general fan without a light but in term of electric power, we think it is more economical and efficient. If you decided to buy it but you can’t install it DIY, let’s see the steps of bedroom ceiling fans with lights installation guidelines below.

Bedroom ceilling fans with lights

Remove the cover of the outlet box of the ceiling and try exposing the wires that you will use to connect to the fan. It is normally done by using a Philip screwdriver but if you have no it, you can use , a flathead screwdriver as alternative tool. After that, you can use the screws that you’ve removed from the cover of outlet box. You can try connecting the ceiling fan’s bracket to the outlet box. Moreover if you’re installing the fan on an irregular or an angled wall, look that the end and open of the mounting bracket is turned against the high side of the ceiling. But if it’s turned against the lower side, automatically the fan blades are going to beat the ceiling when be installed. In the ceiling fan motor, take the washers and motor screws from the under part of the motor.

Bedroom ceiling fan with chandelier lights style

After that, take out the clips and pins which hold the pin at above the motor and slide the down rod into the motor. After the down-rod is on the motor, directly slide the pin back into a place and lock the motor and down-rod together with the holding clip. Finally hang the down-rod on the mounting bracket and make sure that it is secured before decided going to the next section.

Then, use a wire connector to connect the wire attached to the mounting bracket to the wire of the outlet box and thing you have to do is taking the ends of the wires and hold tightly them together. Place the wire connector over the 2 wires and turn it clockwise till it can’t move. Finally you can also connect the black power wire and the blue and black wires from the fan motor together with careful when you want the lights and the fans controlled by the chains on the fan. Okay we hope bedroom ceiling fans with lights installation guidelines above can help you to do it by your self. If you find the difficultness when installing, calling the technicians is the better solution.

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