Best Flooring for Hallways

Hallways is an important part of the home. Although we know that not of all modern home is completed with hallways, but at least when we have a plan to build it in our great home, we can know, what should we do?, especially in term of choosing flooring. What best flooring for hallways?. That’s a question that often is asked for many people. Hallways is unusual room so that when you try to build it, there are some specific considerations to think. At first, it should be sturdy as long as the hallways is still alive, means that there are many people who use it or step it on. Uniquely, it is narrower so that to choose best flooring for hallways, may not be carelessly.

Polished the concrete floors hallways

A Classic Look Flooring for Hallways

To give a classic and modern for hallways, consider to choose dark wood flooring. It describes a calm and not too shine for your home. Well, in term of a country chic appeal, wide planks of light wood floor might be recommended. Almost all types of wide planks are suitable with any shape of hallways. Well, let’s apply to different wooden colors through the hallway floor by selecting inlay wooden.  Do you desire for to be earth friendly by using hardwood?. It is possible to do.  Bamboo flooring is the great optional for classic look but still add more values to your home.

Wood floor classic look for hallways

Traditional wood flooring for hallway

Concrete for Industrial Look
The last option for best flooring for hallways is concrete. Yes, in term of durability, concrete is number one, but in term of environment friendly, it is the lowest rank. This type of flooring can give a modern and industrial look. This material might be durable, can be an ideal option for the busy hallways.

Hallway concrete floor

Slate flooring for hallways

Meanwhile for the color, grey with different finishing is also recommended for it.

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