Black and Grey Living Room Ideas for Gorgeous Decor

We have discussed more about neutral room ideas which are identical with bright and soft color scheme. Let’s turn into cooler and more elegant room interior decor ideas with black and grey living room ideas. Black is always related to elegance, luxury, and mysterious accent for anything. Grey offers cooler accent inspired by natural grey stone color which commonly related to water element. The combination between both black and grey creates more elegant look in the living room though it also involves brighter color to balance the scheme.

Contemporary Black and Grey Living Room Ideas

The black and grey living room ideas look stylish and modern with deep grey sofa. This grey sofa is arranged into L letter shape facing a circular contemporary coffee table in the living room center. Lighter grey color covers the entire living room wall. To make this guest room not too dark, large windows are installed on the wall in the left side. This modern living room seems to apply art wall decor with black and white color scheme on the paintings. Largest painting applies black base color and white writing color to dominate this black and grey living room.

Simple Black and Grey Living Room Ideas

This living room has medium space to allow simple furniture arranged properly. Simple grey sofa is located to opposite glass window. Black chairs arranged diagonally to accommodate more space for guests. Tiny white rectangular coffee table maximizes the living room set for complete furniture set. Black floor lamp with horizontal mesh detail looks pretty placed in the corner near two standing paintings. There is spiky plant in white porcelain vase next to the floor lamp. The simple black and grey living room ideas are completed by deep and light grey on the wall and floor.

Luxurious Black and Grey Living Room Ideas

This medium living room looks wider with bright neutral color applied on the entire living room wall. Large black TV unit becomes focal point in this living room. There is soft white color applied in the center of this focal unit. Elegant modern sofa set is arranged stylishly face to face on the area rug. Wool dark grey rug looks elegant and luxurious contrasting the light grey flooring idea in the black and grey living room ideas.

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