Boys Bedroom Color Ideas

Do you have a special bedroom for your children?. Of course there is no parent who doesn’t desire the happiness of their boys. Boys bedroom color ideas are the best solution to give them a surprise. It is simple to do and you can make them feel moved and comfortable to stay. When they are holiday or going outside home, you can give an extra ordinary surprise by extra fast decoration by DIY.  Before you begin decorating the bedroom, you should know what color scheme they want. Commonly boy prefers like a darker color, rock or everything with touches of punk, auto, motorcycle and other challenging color scheme.

Styles & Themes in Boys Bedroom Colors

Pirate Style Of Decor
When you feel confused to determine about the boys bedroom color, you can seek some home designing magazine that shows you everything related with boys bedroom remodeling. Alternatively to make the result is satisfying, please ask to your son, what’s his favorite color. If they answer with ‘blue, black, red or brown’, you can also apply the wall paint with the same colors. Give the pirate nuance in the wall decor is the perfect solution for the ‘blue wish’. Paint the wall with the sea blue color and add some wall accessories such as round steering wheel of the ship.

In addition, you can also add the pirates character in form of posters or even can be applied it in the bedcover, pillows with the same character. For the bedroom furniture, you’d better dominated or repaint the table, shelve / cup board with the brown paint. The brown and blue combination can make the boy’s room looks natural but also challenging. For the floor, applying the brown wooden flooring such as laminate flooring is the good idea for this room. Bring the room to the natural touch.

Sport Style Of Decor
For the sport style, you can add some accents on the wall to describe the sport scheme. You can try to add the posters with basketball picture with a real basket on the wall. Meanwhile for boys bedroom color, you can choose a red or combination of bright color to make more spirit in this room. Out the brown book shelves in the corner and put some small sport accessories on the workspace’s table.

The bedcover, pillow and bed can be added a small touch of sport by replace them with the new sport picture of the bedcover and pillow. The black and white (chess board flooring style) can be the alternative design for the room.

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