Choosing The Right Insulated Garage Doors for your Home

Have a problem with street noise or swelling energy bills? Garage insulation will help you to cut and trim this problem effectively. Besides of that, it can make your house temperature become warmer at night, quieter and even cooler at daytime. We will give you some steps of choosing insulated garage doors. We also recommend you to prepare budget at least $200 for double 9 feet of garage doors.

Reflective garage door insulation kit

Types of insulated Garage Doors

Before we show you how to choose insulated garage doors, you need to know the types of them. However, there are many types of insulation for garage doors and we just show you the most popular types.  The first one is called as batt insulation. This is the flexible one than other insulation. Thus, it is usually placed at the exterior or front garage doors. Fiberglass is the common materials of this insulation. Secondly, it is called as foam board insulation. It has rigid panels because of polystyrene materials commonly. It would be had high insulating resistance with only few thicknesses. The last one is called reflective insulation. It usually is derived from aluminum foil which comes as the reflective segment and highly insulating. The form likely such as cardboard or polyethylene bubbles. It can reflect heat of summer or hot weather. This garage door insulation panels is very easy to install.

Batt insulation garage doors

Foam insulation garage doors kits

Foam board insulation garage doors

Reflective insulation garage doors

How to Choose Insulated Garage Doors
Now, we have on the main point of this article. After knows the types of insulated garage doors, of course you know what you need for your garage doors. For steel garage doors, they are able to fit with any type of insulated garage doors. We recommend you to use the flexible one due their panels are easily to install. Next, the wood frame garage doors. It needs extra rigid insulation between ever frames that they have. The foam board is better to get more climate control.

Insulated garage doors with Reflective insulation

Insulated garage doors with foam board

Insulated steel garage doors

At last, foam board and reflective insulation are the best choice due flat garage doors because there is no panel on your garage doors. You can use glue or tape instead of nails which are able to make your doors broken.

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