Coffee Table Dimensions to Fit Your Perfect House

Before purchase a lovely coffee table, you must know what coffee table dimensions that will fit your living room or kitchen precisely. Sometimes when going for furniture shopping, you will face with a lot of fantastic options then you are only focused on choosing just depend of its style. It will be better if you do not only concentrate on the styles and designs. Besides, you also have to focus on the coffee table proportion measure. The measurement depends on the space dimensions that you allocate for the coffee table. It is an important thing that often being forgotten by furniture buyers.

Large square coffee table dimensions

Large pallet coffee table dimensions for living room

Picking your ideal dimension coffee table

First, you must know ideal coffee table dimensions measure that you have to find before decide to buy one. Take a look at cushions that place above your sofas, and then measure its position height from the floors under. The measure you get will be as high as exact coffee table height to choose. After get the correct coffee table height, and then you need to determine what the proper length of it is. It will you get by measure the length of your sofa. Exact coffee table to select must be between 2-3 inches longer than your sofa’s length.

Average coffee table dimensions with gray finish

Antique small dimensions coffe table for living room

Cheap coffe table with ideal dimensions

After finding a perfect coffee table that has your favorite design, match with your living room furniture and themes, and of course accurate dimensions, the placement is crucial too. Wrong coffee table placement will decrease the level of aesthetic and it can become malfunction. What a waste of great coffee table. For instance, your guests cannot reach their coffee because it’s too far, or you can sit on the sofa because the coffee table is blocking the way.

Small wooden coffe table dimensions for small living room

Solid wood standard coffee table dimensions

Standard coffee table dimensions with unique design

For a suitable placement, there should be some spaces about 12-18 inches between your coffee table and seating around it. Wrong measurement will make your room does not look proportional, which leads to peculiar feel surround the rooms. Of course, you don’t want your living room looks strange, and you want your living room to look as fabulous as possible. See this example of furniture for small living room. So, choose the coffee table in proper size is a significant aspect. You can use several tips on how to find ideal coffee table dimensions above as guidance.

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