Color Ideas for Living Room Walls – Following the Latest Color Trend

Basically, color ideas for living room walls can be chosen according to home interior design concept. It is such essential idea to ensure your living room applies expressive accent reflecting your own personality. The choice of wall color always influences the atmosphere creation in the room. So ensure to choose appropriate colors to create positive atmosphere in the living room.

Nowadays, there are numerous new colors found to apply on any home appliances and stuffs. It is including some new colors which are included as current color combinations such as magenta from purple and pink, lime green from yellow and green, and turquoise from green and blue composition. Those color ideas for living room walls will be incredible with pattern application such as wallpaper and wall decal.

Neutral Color Ideas for Living Room Walls

Neutral color ideas for living room walls involve several basic colors such as white, black, grey, and brown. But in this minimalist living room, dark brown is chosen to create warm atmosphere in the room. Lighter soft brown covers the entire part of the living room wall, while pure white is chosen for the ceiling. There are only several pieces of living room furniture arranged in narrow layout in this living room. Simple brown sofa, two dark green chairs and rectangular and round dark brown coffee table placed orderly. This living room seems to apply art interior design style with two stripes paintings hung behind the sofa.

Breezy Color Ideas for Living Room Walls

Breezy sense is always identical with fresh green and water accent. This fresh sensation can creatively applied by choosing fresh light sage green and turquoise color on the wall and curtains. It is such simple color to give you little relaxation feeling in the guest room. Unique abstract motif pattern on the living room furniture set looks suitable with brown and white neutral color. Four chairs and a round coffee table are arranged diagonally to enlarge the room space. In other side of room, there are two white sofas arrangement to accommodate more guests, family, or friends. Simple clear glass vase on the coffee table with tall white flowers looks elegant among the breeze color ideas for living room walls.

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