Contemporary Mirrors for Living Room with Modern Scheme

Modern and contemporary style actually is inseparable with similar design applied on any furniture and home appliance including contemporary mirrors for living room. Mirror has essential duty in a room especially small room. It is because mirror can make such reflection to other wall side so that the room seems to have double space. Nowadays, this kind of wall accessories is designed in various styles and designs following the latest home furniture and appliances.

Contemporary Mirrors for Living Room with Sunburst Style

Sunburst contemporary mirrors for living room seem to be gorgeous mirror design representing modern and elegant home design. It is such pretty design with shape reflecting sunburst. Circle shaped mirror is applied in the middle, while sunburts detail with different length and dimension applied to border the circle. Elegant metallic color effect complete with metallic shadow make this contemporary mirror real.

You can see that the sunburst detail applies mirrored texture completing the metallic contemporary mirrors for living room. Unique design applied on this contemporary living room mirror is shadow effect. This shadow effect is typically influenced by living room illumination. At certain time, you will see that the upper sunburst detail lighter than the lower part.

Contemporary Mirrors for Living Room with Chair Design
Being unique doesnt always involve the whole living room interior decor ideas. It can come with simple accessories which commonly utilized as wall decoration such as mirror. Besides having essential duty as space enlargement item, mirror is perfect item to luxury the room space. Contemporary mirrors for living room today involve numerous unique designs including chair.

This chair mirror looks so elegant hung on the wall behind side cabinet in the living room. With black rubber replacing the mirror frame, this unique living room mirror enlarges the space with its room reflection. The shape of this stylish frameless mirror looks like comfort chair in the living room. The black rubber also adds little texture in the middle to press the 3D chair shape. Contemporary mirrors for living room with chair design is available in various size versions fit your living room space and condition.

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