Cool Desk Lamps for Decorations and Works

Table lamps or desk lamps act as a lighting addition. While the leading light usually fixed on the ceiling, table lamps still play its role to get another kind of illumination. For drafting, writing, reading, and also as your shiny friend accompanying your sleep. While there are many kinds of the table lamp, the style becomes an important part to be considered. Each person wants to be unique, and the unique business spread its wing into the light business. Cool desk lamps are there for those who have thirst in authenticity and uniqueness.

Black color cool desk lamps

Brown color cool desk lamps

Cool desk lamps with adjustable led

Some example of cool desk lamps

There is a lot of cool desk lamps to put on your desk. But first, you have to know what you need first. There is much kind of desk lamps with many kinds of uses. You should be aware that sleeping lamp is not suitable for working on the table. There are also lights to bring more tone into your room and of course that kind of lamp is not for working. Think carefully what kind of lamp you should choose. Nowadays, there is also a cordless lamp to choose for. The cordless lamp will save you from tipping on the cord and making it easier to move. The cordless of course will remove the unwanted look of sticking cord from your working room. But, if you want to stick with the corded lamp, it’s your choice.

White color cool cordless desk lamps

Cool cordless desk lamps with red stripe

Kundalini made Abyss, a standing worm-like desk lamp suitable for your bedroom or living room. This decorative lamp is made from white LED in a segmented construction which, like a worm, can be bent easily to any kind of shape. The flexible body is covered in polycarbonate which will follow wherever you bend the lamp. It is cool and cordless. Decorating your living room with this cool LED will certainly improve the coolness of your room. Then, we have the foldable Chain Lamp. The lamp is made by Nemo Italianaluce Company by designer Iliara Marelli. It is a foldable articulated lamp with three joints. When it is folded, the shape is just like a big stapler out from Tron movie. When opened, the lamp can stand 22 inches height. Aluminum becomes its core material with 4 bright LED. This cool lamp will become your friend when you are reading or working on your documents.

Cool desk lamps by abyss table lamp

Cool foldable chain desk lamps

Decorative cool desk lamps design

These cool lamps can be put on a desk and you can place it everywhere you want. The right lamp will improve the style of your room, especially the decorative lamps like Abyss. The working lamp like Chain Lamp is great addition to helping you work on your desk. Consider how you will use it because your cool desk lamps are designed to have an individual use.

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