Creative Ideas on Black and White Bedroom Designs

Black and white bedroom designs are one of neutral color combination idea to create modern and luxurious sense in a bedroom. Various creative ideas related to both neutral color compositions currently surface and become more popular. Below are three luxurious samples of black and white bedroom designs that should be recreated.

Three creative ideas on black and white bedroom designs

Actually, three colors are combined in this black and white bedroom design. Purple is perfect color to create sexy sense in this bedroom. Black color is applied on two bedroom wall sides; one of wall is behind the black and white bed. The deep purple is applied on the two other wall sides. To complete the black and white bedroom design, all of the bedroom furniture is painted in glossy black and white. Glossy black porcelain floor tiles looks so elegant among the black and white furniture. The pretty thing in this bedroom is a large glass window installed on the wall behind the bed. It gives additional light in the bedroom at the day.

Black and white strips motif on the bed sheet looks unique in this bedroom. Black and white color with glossy effect perfectly applied on the bedroom furniture especially on the bed divan. Elegant sense is really impressive installed in this black and white bedroom. Black covers the entire bedroom surface included the wall and floor. Some floor to ceiling glass windows and sliding glass door allow the natural light give the day illumination. Such blue-green LED lightings installed in the white bed divan create beautiful light effect surround them.

Deep purple color is still chosen in this black and white bedroom design to give sexy and elegant accent. But it is only applied slightly on the head of bed, while pure white color applied on the entire bedroom wall and ceiling. Grey wallpaper with classic texture installed on the wall as large as the bed size. This grey wall makes the black bed and pendant hang above it looks clearly. Other bedroom furniture besides bed and pendant also painted in black. Although there is only few window installed in this bedroom, white paint color is perfect choice to give much lighting at night or day instead of applying black on the entire bedroom which make it so dark.

Well, those are luxurious samples of black and white bedroom designs that should be recreated in your house. The best accent will you reach by applying them are elegant, modern, and luxurious sense.

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