Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom Wall

Bathroom wall ideas,- The greatest place to contemplate or plan your days is nowhere expensive and hard to find but your bathroom! That is why it is important to design your bathroom as nice as you can. To make the bathroom looks nice, it also needs a nice wall. Hence I am going to give you some interesting bathroom wall ideas.

Travertine bathroom wall ideas

Bathroom Wall Ideas For Wallpaper

Some people just think that painting walls are mediocre and complicated. And that is why they like to put wallpaper instead of wall paints. By putting wallpaper, you can do a beautiful magic neatly without playing dirty with the paint splats to anywhere you do not want to get the splats. Wallpapers are known as a part of decorative arts from Victorian era, therefore we sometimes feel the Victorian ambiance from each wallpaper, maybe because of its patterns or color. But as time goes by, there are also wallpapers with retro, modern, or minimalist patterns.

Classic style wallpaper ideas for bathroom

Retro style is famous with its brownish, orange, and white color with circular patterns or other unique shapes. If you dig this style, you can find inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. The interior and exterior design that we can see from that movie is just inspiring, in my opinion. If you like minimalist pattern, you can just put some curvy patterns and use a minimal choice of colors.

Retro style wallpaper design ideas for bathroom

Wallpaper works great to put colors inside the bathroom, as well as to absorb the heat from the steam that is produced by the hot water inside the bathroom. Wallpaper also works well with a little splashes of water. So, it would not be a problem if you accidentally splash your water to your wallpaper. But do not let it wet for a very long time, because the wallpaper can peel off because of that.

Elegant wallpaper bathroom ideas – image by

Bathroom Wall Ideas For Paint

Elegant bathroom paint ideas

Paint your own walls and be creative!

Painting your bathroom wall is an affordable way to put colors into your bathroom, as well as making it beautiful. If you are not really into decorative arts, you can just paint your bathroom walls plainly with your favorite colors. While if you like to make your bathroom wall more beautiful, you can get a paint roller, some cans of paints with some of your favorite colors, then you can start creating your own ‘wallpaper’ with the paints you have. If you do not get what I mean, it is that you can paint each color of paint vertically for one stripe, then another color for another stripe, until it is done. After you are done with painting, you will get a beautiful and affordable wallpaper-like walls.

Creative black & white paint bathroom

If you still think that painting like this is still mediocre, you can find your favorite pictures on the internet, edit it into a stencil color, then print it. After you get the printed form, you cut the dark part of the stencil. Stick your paper onto your wall, get yourselves a paint or paint brush, start painting the hollow part of the paper. After it’s dry, you can take off the paper and see what you have done! You have done such a great art, right? So, those are all I can think about bathroom wall ideas.

Actually there might be more better ideas out there but I am sure the article above sparks you some ideas already. So what are you waiting for now? Let’s try and be creative!

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