Dining Room Color Schemes Tips and Collection

Dining room is built to complete the function of kitchen in the house as house of heart. Dining room is a place where the dished are served to eat. According to Feng Shui, yellow is perfect for kitchen and dining room color schemes. It is because yellow is identical with digestion so that it becomes great concept to represent health digestion. Besides yellow as Feng Shui recommendation for health digestion, there are numerous color schemes which are available to choose. Let’s read general description of dining room decor below.

Luxury Royal Dining Room Color Schemes

Elegant and glorious should be perfect to describe this luxurious dining room. Pale blue on the wall looks fresh and airy in this warm room. Wooden furniture arranged properly in the room completes the warm dining room color schemes. Rectangular glossy wooden dining table looks clean enough to reflect simple chandelier above it. Eight chairs with elegant upholstered design concept looks elegant applied to suit the wooden table. Recessed lighting comes from the windows create good atmosphere for romantic scent in the dining room.

Spacious Dining Room Color Schemes

Having a house with limited space doesn’t stop you to apply gorgeous dining room interior decor ideas. By benefiting smart furniture and layout, a spacious dining room will be created well with appropriate color schemes. Transparent, mirror, and bright white will be great dining room color schemes in this limited space. Round glass dining table located in the room center can accommodate up to five persons with unique transparent chairs. Ball disco pendant looks gorgeous with mirror effect as its embellishment. Light grey becomes main color scheme on the entire wall in this spacious dining room.

Elegant Dining Room Color Schemes

We have found spacious dining room which applies light grey color as wall color scheme. Now, we have darker grey to represent elegant and cooler accent in a contemporary dining room. Glossy black glass round dining room is located in the room center. It surrounded by white dining chairs with elegant chair sheet covering them. Both neutral colors look contrast to each other but it looks elegant and glamour at the same time. Large window on the left wall gives shadowed lighting among the grey dining room color schemes.

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