Dining Room Lighting Ideas and The Arrangement Tips

Dining room is the main room where the family members spend their time for lunch, breakfast and dinner. It should be arranged as well as possible especially in term of lighting. Lighting becomes one of important thing that should be though deeply. If it isn’t set as well, sometimes the dinner will be disorganized. If you want to realize a romantic dinner every night, it is time for you to consider the best lighting for your dining room. Lighting should be set to adjust with the theme of dining’s event, whether it is for lunch, breakfast, for welcoming guest or even romantic dinner. Okay, let’s see some dining room lighting ideas.

Rustic dining room lighting ideas

2 ideas for dining room lighting

Using a lamp on a buffet in the dining room will give an opportunity for lighting that’s also a design element.  It is essential for the scale of the lamps to adjust with the scale of the furniture that is occupied. The lamps that are too short and or too tall will look awkward. And if your furniture is streamlined and spare, the elaborating lamp will look out of a place and when it is elegant and delicate, using a chunky lamp won’t do so. In addition, you can also use a critical eye to determine whether the lamp that you’ve chosen is fit to do. Then, put a lamp on each end of the serving piece to appear a symmetrical and classic look.

Classic lamp on a dining room buffet

Unique lamp ideas on white dining room buffet

Buffet lamps ideas for dining room

Chandelier also offers a classic appearance for the dining room. It is hanging low over the table as both a light source and design of element. When your home has older charm, consider to apply an antique chandelier with crystal droplets. It will look so elegant and luxurious on the dining room. Some people regarded that brass chandelier is outdate. And the modern chandelier commonly comes by the metal with various finishes and motifs such as brushed nickel, black and also antique bronze.

Simple crystal chandelier dining room

Contemporary dining room lighting ideas

Modern ceiling dining room lights

Modern glass dining room chandelier ideas

But if you have an old brass chandelier, alternatively you can re-paint it to make it look new or at least the outdate impression was missed. There are lots of metallic paints are available in spray cans which able to make the job quick, simple and easy to do. You can choose a chandelier that masks the light bulbs so that the shines aren’t too strong on the ding table. In real, the bare bulbs make a harsh light and can shine in diners’ faces. Please choose a chandelier with shades that on face the ceiling and not the table.

Dining room chandelier traditional ideas

Transitional style dining room chandelier ideas

Okay, we hope the dining room lighting ideas above can inspire your self to get the best lighting for your own dining room at home.

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