Double Garage Door Size? Pros and Cons

The garage is a crucial part of any house. It has multiple uses and is one of the most regularly used areas. A garage that fulfills all of your family’s requirements is a great asset to have. Most homes today built with garages included, and these days a double garage is ideal for most homes because people usually have more than one car. The extra space also comes in handy because can be used as a storage option also a recreational area with a pool or Foosball table. No matter whether you are using the garage for cars or recreation, your garage usually requires a double garage door. These doors are available in various types with different materials used as well as diverse modes of functioning.

Double garage door size with brown finish

Choosing the best double garage door size

You can get a double garage door made of steel, wood or aluminum depending on your choice. Bear in mind that such a door performs many important roles. It not only protects your cars from the unforgiving weather but also provides security to your house against burglars and trespassers. Whether you choose a steel garage door or a wooden one, it is entirely up to you. The steel garage door is the most common owing to its little cost and relatively low upkeep. There is a limited choice of colors, however, and you might not be able to find a double garage door that goes with the rest of your home.

Double garage door size with garage window inserts

Double garage door size with steel-line garage

On the other hand, a wooden double garage door is costly but allows you greater freedom in choosing colors and type of wood. Such garage doors are potentially more aesthetically pleasing. In recent times, steel double garage door manufactured has sought to combat this characteristic by offering various wood textured designs.

Wooden double garage door size

The mode of operation of the double garage door is of vital importance. Traditional garage doors use either a spring mechanism or come with rolling wheels. The biggest advantage with such systems is affordability. A garage door that works under these principles is very easy to install and operate. The roller garage door takes up very little space as it can be rolled up thus leaving ample space for the stuff the garage is supposed to contain.

Roller double garage door size with black paint finish

Double garage door size with opener installed

In this increasing technology is driven the world, an automatic double garage door has also been introduced. While being relatively expensive than its manual counterpart, the auto garage door is a useful innovation. This variety of garage doors is less prone to problems. The major benefit of this brings the increased level of security and safety. An automatic garage door often comes with password protection and other security features.

Automatic double garage door size

Automatic double garage door size with window

Ultimately the double garage door you choose will depend upon your particular requirements and budget. Try and figure out what is best for you and your family and do not be fooled by marketing gimmicks. Remember that eventually whatever type of double garage door you buy; regular maintenance will have to be doing to ensure smooth functioning over an extended period.

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