Easy-to-follow Garage Shelving Instructions

One of the most popular solutions to store stuff while at the same time doesn’t require a lot of space is to install a shelf, or tiered-shelves on the wall. The open storage will give you instant and easy access to grab your stuff and create a nice look in the room as well. It is highly recommended to install shelves in the garage because of the efficiency they will provide. Build one on your own by following this simple garage shelving instructions below.

What you will need to build the garage shelving

Just simple 2×4 shelf boards and plywood, screws and tools essential to attach screws and the woods onto the wall. That’s it! This garage shelving instructions is quick and simple to build so that’s what makes it worth mentioning.

The How’s
First thing first, you have to make sure the wall you will build your shelves on can be screwed into studs. If you have crosschecked that, start by marking out all the studs in the wall and attaching the first 2×4 in the length of your choice to the studs. Use 3” screws (or longer ones depending on your wall construction) and use a level to ensure the 2×4 will be attached to the wall level. Self-tapping wood screws is advisable to make it even easier.

Note that, it is better to make your shelves 8,12,16 or even 20 feet long so you can maximize plywood use. Now that you have the first 2×4 up, you can rely on it to measure the remaining shelf boards. Make sure you figure shelf heights that fit whatever items you plan to store there.

Another helpful tip that you might like to know: cut two 2x4s and use them as spacers to find the right height between the 2×4 shelf boards.

Next, you need to screw your second 2×4 to the first 2×4 in the same length. Remember that you shouldn’t screw all the way in and that you should only use two screws for each board. Then, cut 2x4s to the height of the shelving and then screw to the second 2×4 shelf board with 3” screw. Add a leg on each end as well as middle legs. 2x4s shelf boards can span about 8 feet so you can add one leg for your 16 foot long shelves. Unscrew the screws holding the first 2x4s to the second ones and remove the second leg set. Then place cleats near the middle and ends to avoid areas that might overlap the legs. Put the second leg set up to the cleats and screw it using 3”. Rip the plywood into 15 ¾” strips and screw all the plywood down and that’s all that you need to do!

This garage shelving instructions is really easy to make and you might end up making more than one shelving unit!

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