Feel the Space Adventure on Star Wars Bathroom Decor

Star Wars is a fiction story of comic which have become more popular with some movies and its story characteristic. Well, if you heard about the Star Wars, you will directly imagine the outer space where the story tells about. Since it become more popular, Star Wars bathroom decor also becomes favorite decor for people who like it.

The Tips to Create Star Wars Bathroom Decor

  • Star Wars is certainly related to the outer space sense and robotic accent. So put some robotic accent on the bathroom wall. You can find some tile shop that provide special edition of Star Wars.
  • Color is important thing in decorating room. Put bright such as white color on the wall if you prefer to choose Star Wars accessories on the bathroom since they will be darker than your wall.
  • Black color on the wall also suitable especially for Star Wars wall decal and wallpaper backdrop color. Choose brighter bathroom furniture on it.
  •  Some planet wall decals on the bathroom ceiling will give the best accent of outer space twist.
  • For better result, try to apply specific Star Wars bathroom furniture products. It will be easier for you to complete the rest.

The Star Wars bathroom decor in this white bathroom is so simple. But it is exactly find the goal of applying the Star Wars theme on. There are several robots and human characters mosaics on the wall. These characters are created by bathroom wall tiles application among the white tiles. Lines in red and yellow applied to give dimension effect on the shower area wall.

It is a sample of bathroom which applies Star Wars accessories to emphasize the Star Wars bathroom decor. Shower curtain has the important role in this bathroom as the focal point of Star Wars icon. There are also some Star Wars towels hang near the bathtub to suit the curtain. The same color is applied on the bathroom rug to complete the color theme on the curtain and towel.

Simple way can be applied in creating Star Wars bathroom decor. The decoration is typically signed with space scenery, sophisticated, curious stuffs, and of course the Star Wars characters. Follow those requirements to apply Star Wars theme in your bathroom.

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