Floating Corner Shelves Design for Storing and Beauty

Do you need to save some space while adding some decoration to your room? Floating corner shelves can be a good option for you. It’s simple, nice, and of course save the space by enabling you to put some stuffs on it. It comes in various sizes and shapes, so you just need to choose the appropriate one for your room depends on your needs and the decoration style in your room. It also can be combined beautifully with other furniture in the room.

diy floating corner shelves ideas

The Magic of Floating Corner Shelves

First you should know what exactly floating shelves is. It is shelves that can be mounted on the wall without any visible support, just floating on the wall. Actually, it uses bolts for attaching to the wall, as sturdy as possible to make it strong enough. The materials of the shelves can be from woods, plastics, metals, or glass. It depends on your needs. Just make sure you install the floating shelves correctly to make sure the safety. It can be dangerous when you don’t install it properly. It can be falling down anytime and dropping your stuffs.

Custom floating corner shelves with decorative design

Custom floating corner shelves design with light

Black painted floating corner shelves

Antique wooden floating corner shelves in dining room

Floating corner shelves can be very helpful because you can put some beautiful stuffs on it or you can use it as decoration to enhance the beauty and style of your room. When you have small children in your house who love to climb and playing with the stuffs, it will be safe to install floating shelves and put your previous stuffs on it. Your children will unable to reach it. It also saves the space of your floor. You can still put some furniture under it or just leave the space of the floor empty. When you have some friends or guests who come to your house, your floating corner shelves can be something eye catching and amaze them. When you put some flower vase on it, it will look elegant and extraordinary. It’s just a simple furniture but give many benefits for you.

White custom floating corner shelves design in home office

unique and stylish floating corner shelves design

Floating corner shelves plans design for any room

Floating corner shelves design with drawer

When you have large space in your room, it doesn’t mean that you cannot install floating shelves because you already have enough space in the room. It will help you to sweep away the emptiness in your room and make it more beautiful. To get maximum results when installing floating shelves, you can try to find some references from websites or furniture magazines to help you in designing the shape and the proper arrangement of your floating shelves.

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