Fork And Spoon Wall Decor: 6 Simple Steps to Applying

It´s a great pleasure that offering you the possibility to customize or decorate fork and spoon walls at home. The wallpaper or digital printing of fork and spoon wall decor are high quality, water and heat resistant and very durable  also very recommended for modern home decoration. We recommend that the application of the wallpaper is made by professionals, if not possible, follow the instructions below.

Fork and spoon wallpaper decor in dining room

Material needed before installing fork and spoon wall decor

Tape measure, pencil, wallpaper, wallpaper glue, brush, ladder, scissors and x-acto and cloth.

State of the wall or surface where you apply
The wallpaper glue sticks in permeable surfaces such as walls and wood. It does not adhere to stone or tile. The surface where you paste the paper should be away from sources of heat or humidity. Should be smooth and clean.

Preparing the glue
For each package of standard sizing for 6 or 7 rolls. Fill the bucket with the amount of water indicated on the packaging of the glue and then adding the glue go slowly, constantly stirring with a wooden spoon so as not to form lumps. The glue is ready when you get a high consistency, regular and white. For greater efficiency always read the package you purchased.

Prepare the wallpaper
Start by simulating the first two strips on the wall. The wallpaper, as a rule, must be greater than in the area to implement, the 5 cm such that we should leave the final cut to a better finish.

Give the glue
The adhesive should be given with a big brush, the back of the paper, let stand 1 minute and then apply it to the wall. When using blisters may appear, then go with a cloth pushed sideways until it disappears.

Apply the paper
Glue wallpaper allows you the slip of paper on the wall, or even remove and replace. It gives you leeway to set the default paper. After applying the paper, apply pressure with a cloth across the paper to fix properly.

After applying all the slips of paper and so form your custom wall, you should with the help of a ruler and a sharp x-acto to cut the excess paper for a better finish.

Fork and spoon wall decor with wallpaper

Black fork and spoon wall decor in dining room

Black fork and spoon wall decor in modern kitchen

Knife fork and spoon wall decor with wallpaper

You can buy the glue at any hardware store and DIY articles as Aki. Most adhesives are sold in powder form and is diluted in water. There are also liquid adhesives that need to be diluted with water. All these types of glue come with instructions for their preparation.

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