How to Install Black and Decker Cabinets – Installing Garage Cabinets

Black and Decker cabinets are furniture that offers storage for your household equipments and tools. If you dream to have a storable garage, a set of cabinets could be the best option. Any kind of interior kitchen cabinets can be placed into your garage, both base and upper ones. You can get benefits from base cabinets: they offer deep storage for large item; from hardware to small tools. If you have limited budget, you can choose unfinished cabinet due to its reasonability. If you have limited space, then utility cabinets with shallower base can be one of your choices. Before installing a storage cabinet, it’s good to make garage storage cabinet plans first. And please make sure you still have space to park your car, bikes, and to place other yard and garden equipments.

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Black and Decker cabinets’ installation system can be learned easily. The procedure of installing garage cabinets is as the same with kitchen cabinets. First and foremost, prepare the tools and material to do the procedure: eye protection and gloves, long level, grease pencil, tape measure, stud finder, drill, hammer, ledger boards, drywall screws, pinhead screws, Base & wall cabinets, shims, plywood, panel adhesive, finish nails, hardboards, L-brackets. The most important thing is the cabinets should be firmly attached, and also should be level and plumb. Using a level as your guide, draw the lines for reference on the wall to determine the location of the base and upper cabinets. If your garage floor uneven, look for the highest point of the floor along the floor and use this as the first reference to draw the other layout lines.

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Installation Level
In making sure an even, level installation of the wall cabinets is installing a temporary ledger board onto the wall, and lays the cabinets on it when you fasten them to the wall studs. A lot of professional first install the wall cabinets to take benefit of the full wall access, but it is not your only choice. You might also want to start with the base Black and Decker cabinets and use them to support the upper ones when they are being installed. If your garage cabinet includes the corner one, you had better install it first, and then work outward to ensure the cabinet will fit the space appropriately. If your garage is inclined to be dull, installing leveler feet on the base cabinets first would be a good idea -to know more about tips to organize the garage you can also read about  garage organization plans. These Black and Decker cabinets are affordable to everyone. The durable melamine surface is also easy to clean. Black and Decker cabinets would be perfect to be placed in your garage as storage unit.

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