How to Refinish and Repair an Oak Dining Room Table and Chairs

Do you have Oak dining room table and chairs at your home?. Of course it is so valuable because without it the dining room becomes nothing. Well, restoring oak dining room table and chair exactly can be a satisfying project, moreover when it is done by self. You can often make a real heirloom from something hopeless or worthless with some amazing, old fashioned elbow grease. Some unique vintage oak tables and chairs with un- restored condition are valid for less than finish sets and can be worth thousand dollars after you work with a magic of the restoration.  If you want to try refinish and repair an Oak dining room table and chairs by your self. Let’s see the instructions.

Classic wood dining room table and long chairs

First way you should do is by tighten the bolts holding the table legs to the table top. Add it with wood glue for any tenon joints and mortise on the chairs and table legs. Then, clamp any newer glued parts together with nylon roping or furniture clamps. And if the chairs and tables were bought in a complete disassembled state, try to dry fit the parts to ensure all the parts are present.

Refinish white Oak dining table and chairsAfter that, apply the wood stripper and remove a varnish, old paint or even stain from surface of the wood, includes the undersides of chairs and tabletops. Let’s try to work in the little sections, a bit at a time. You can try avoiding using a paint scraper tool because actually it can damage the wood grain. For the last, use stripping pads and steel wood instead.Refinished oak table and chairs

Refinished top black oak table and chairs

Refinished black - white oak table and chairs

Next way, you ought to sand the chairs and table with a good grit sand paper after stripping is finished. Remember not to use a power sander causes a damage of the wood grain. Apply the tack- cloth to remove all traces of sawdust in this a project. Re- assemble the chairs and tables. Use wood glue again to rejoin any tenon joints and mortise then apply furniture clamps to whole pieces. Then, apply the wood stain, please use a stain brush or soft rug. You should work with the direction of the wood grain, not across for the grain.

Apply the stain sparingly at the first and you can apply more stain or let the stain comes into contact, for a dark color, therefore you couldn’t decrease the darkness of the stain when it is absorbed by the wood. Apply a thin coat of stain, wipe away any excess stains with another clean. Let it to dry fully. Give a finish coat such, like satin polyurethane then use a brush and watch for brush bristles left behind in the finished coat. Let it to dry.

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