Interior Glass Sliding Doors Designs and Price

Interior glass sliding doors are the main important part of the home where they offer practicality in opening and closing the doors. Of course those are better than general interior sliding doors because it isn’t only offer elegance but also extra bright inside the room. So unique, it makes your doors look transparent and make more shines go inside your room. Glass sliding doors can be installed in anywhere you want, inside home or even near the terrace with the costumed curtains.

Interior glass sliding doors price

They come into many styles, designs, colors, size and also prices. You can measure the desired doors you would buy at first to avoid mistakes in choosing the size of it. All of that is also happen if you will choose interior sliding barn doors. Here are some samples of Interior glass sliding doors based on the size and price.

Custom interior glass sliding doors

Interior stained glass barn door

205 X 75 CM Interior Glass Sliding Doors

Do you want to have a sliding system at your home, but you don’t know the real price according your dimensions you have. For the dimension 205 X 75 cm, commonly they are more suitable to install inside the home such as in the bathroom or bedroom. As we know that the dimension is too large so that they aren’t proper to install in the larger rooms such as living room or dining rooms. The dimension of 205 X 75 cm can also be installed in the narrow workspace or other smaller areas. For the price, average it takes £110.40 till £150.40.

Interior stained glass sliding doors

Frameless interior glass sliding doors

More Than 205 X 75 CM
For more than 205 X 75, commonly the price is more expensive. For example, sliding luxurious glass door interior internal aluminum stripes 205×90 cm. It has width 15 CM more than first type and generally the price between  £220.40. Or if you have the largest area in your home and want to put huge size of glass door, for instantly with  frosted glass 8 mm (940 x 2050 ), might it is the most luxurious but rather expensive than others. Get it with £423.00. To get best Interior glass sliding doors, you can also purchase it online at or eBay and you will get more choices.

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