Kidney Shaped Desk as Unique Furniture

Decorate your room with kidney shaped desk for incredible and trendy appearance. This desk is suitable for multiple rooms. It is perfect either for an office or a living room. It is unique design makes a lot of people claimed it as one of their favorite furniture. As proof, a lot of good condition kidney shaped drawer built in late 1800’s that sold in auctions. These designs have been surviving for a long time. Usually, these desks are made from high-quality woods, such as mahogany, Maplewood, cherry wood, or walnut.  Many furniture designers created some innovations from its original classic designs.

Kidney shaped desk with unique drawer

Kidney shaped desk design & price

Through the internet, you can search for old kidney shaped desk for sale, either in personal websites or auction websites. For instance, a desk with kidney-shaped design, in dark brown colors, has five drawers; offered price is about $1000. The current owner stated that the desk is made in England in the late 1800’s. It’s made from walnut burl wood and still in an excellent condition.  This wood desk will be hunted by old furniture’s collectors from all over the world. Or maybe you are interested in purchasing this stylish old desks to add your collection or for future investment.

Other fancy models can be alternative options. For example, a kidney shaped that only have one leg like a grand piano. This model can bring some weight illusion because the one leg looks too fragile to hold the whole firm desk. The other is a four legs kidney shaped drawer with four high legs. It only has one drawer with a turquoise knob button. The color of that knob bottom becomes lovely contrast in between the luxurious white dominant. Simple, bright, and beautiful, this will be good for a minimalist or vintage interior room designs.

This desk also comes in without-drawer models. Influenced by contemporary style, this design brings some modernity touch into the desk with kidney shaped. This desk is constructed of high-quality cherry wood, very proper desks for working engineers or architects. The light and dashing kidney-shaped surface look firmly hold by four straight legs. Besides the old kidney shaped desk, you can think of this contemporary style as an alternative.

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