Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas for Neat and Cool Kitchen

Pantry is great storage ideas in kitchen. It usually used to store various kitchen stuffs such as pans, pots, eating stuffs, even ingredients and spices. Kitchen pantry design ideas are made in various styles and models to suit your kitchen space and decorating concept. Some kitchen pantries are designed with large storage space and some unique innovation such as hidden storage and so on. Well, we will discuss more about the facts and designs of kitchen pantry. Let’s start with some facts related to the kitchen pantry design ideas.

The Fact of Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

There are some facts related to kitchen pantry design ideas. These facts commonly related to the design that usually applied in many houses.

  • Well, basically kitchen pantry is designed and applied in kitchen for storage space. It is usually used to store kitchen stuffs and eating stuffs. But there are some pantries that specifically designed to store spices.
  • There are various kitchen pantry models. It might be designed as like wall racks. These racks commonly installed on the wall into several rows for large storage.
  • Other style is wooden kitchen pantry which is designed as like wardrobe complete with doors.
  • The size of kitchen pantry is selected based on the kitchen space and condition.

There are various styles applied on kitchen pantry. A cool sample of kitchen pantry design ideas is a stylish kitchen pantry that use old sliding barn door to hide it. Antique accent created on grey scratches of this old barn door and some creative notes written on the kitchen wall. This modern kitchen pantry contains of simple wine racks, several spices shelves, and small counter to store other kitchen stuffs.

This kitchen pantry is very simple and creative to benefit a small empty space behind the door. A floor to ceiling cabinet installed in this small pantry. To get maximum storage, some wire racks are arranged vertically on the internal side of door.

Kitchen pantry design ideas can be created as creative as possible to benefit the free space in your house, as alternative you can use freestanding pantry cabinet. It is not only in the kitchen, you can make a pantry in any room near the kitchen for easy connection.

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