Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas: Tips & Advice

Remodeling your laundry room can be a scary task, there are many things to think about, such as decorating, decor, modern versus contemporary, prices, DIY projects – these are all things that should be considered before you even start coming up with laundry room cabinet ideas.

However, redoing your laundry room whether it is in your residential home or not can be fun too, for there are a ton of options, tons of ideas and a lot of different accessories that you can indulge in. Below, we are going to talk about how you can design your laundry room, some of the prices and, of course, some of the retailers that you are going to want to go to, to get all of your supplies!

So how do you get a good looking laundry room?

Below, we are going to discuss that.
First tip up is going to be painting. You want something that is going to look great on the walls and a color that is going to brighten up your mood. You do not want something that is going to be very dreary and dark, and you want fun and bright. Greens, whites, light grays, reds and even purple and blues are all great colors for a laundry room, for you will be able to have it bright and nice looking! Now that you have the paint down. Here are the laundry room cabinet ideas with some bright colors.

Green wooden laundry room cabinet ideas

Light gray laundry room cabinet ideas

Red laundry room cabinet ideas

Blue laundry room cabinet ideas for beach style

The next step is hanging up some personal things in your laundry room, like photos or some type of art that you may have. What this will do is actually allow you the ability to stand being in your laundry room for extended periods of time and will actually allow you to get some personal touches in there. This is a very good thing to be doing.

White laundry room cabinet ideas with hanging photos

Benjamin moore paint colors laundry room cabinet ideas with hanging art chandelier

Next up is going to be the storage, you want to make sure that you do have enough storage for all of your clothes as well as everything that you need storage for. For example, cleaning products or even your laundry supplies. Storage can be in the form of cabinets, storage bins or even just a few shelving units that you place on the wall. Remember; you can use the walls to give you more storage if the laundry room is tiny.

White laundry room cabinet ideas with storage bins

Wooden laundry room cabinet ideas with shelving units

If you follow these tips and tricks, you should be able to redecorate your laundry room in no time at all and with this some laundry room cabinet ideas, you want to spend some time in there.

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