Leaf Wall Decor as Natural Wall Decor Ideas

Well, there are many wall decor ideas options which can be choose to create great living room look to impress your guests. Leaf wall decor is one perfect option of wall decor ideas for living room. There are various leaf wall decor motifs and types. Metal wall art is one of leaf wall decor types that will be discussed simply in this article.

Leaf Wall Decor: Autumn Oak Wall Sculpture

Autumn Oak Wall Sculpture is an alternative leaf wall decor which is designed in oak tree shape with many leaves. This metal wall art is designed with 29 inches of height and 30 inches of width. The great color combination on the branch, oak stem, and leaves included of brown, autumn brown, green, gold and tan. It made of metal with some mounted brackets on the back to hang it properly on the wall.

Leaf Wall Decor: Golden Foliage Handmade Metal Wall Sculpture

With large dimensions which are 48 inches of width, 18.5 inches of height, and 9 lbs of weight, Golden Foliage Handmade Metal Wall Sculpture is expected to be the main view on your living room wall. Luxurious gold color applied on the entire this leaf wall decor to give such of classic sense in your living room. This leaf wall decor item is made of tole and iron. There will be mounting hooks applied on the back of this metal wall art to hang it properly on your living room wall.

Leaf Wall Decor: Trio of Palm Fronds Metal Wall Hanging Set

This leaf wall decor is a sample of wall art decor. This Palm Fronds Metal Wall Hanging Set parted into three with different look. It will create beautiful palm leaves painting when they arranged closer on the living room wall. They are designed with total dimension: 29 inches of height, 44 inches of width, 1 ¾ inches of depth, and 16 lbs of weight. The backdrop color is filled with espresso color, while the leaves painted in tan and grey accent on the inner part of leaf. This leaf wall art is made of metal.

In conclusion, leaf wall decor is the best solution to fresh and beautify your living room or other rooms in the house.

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