Making bed canopy for girls with less budget

Adding canopy to bed especially for girls’ bedroom will create a nice look. You might think that adding this will spend much budget. High quality canopy might be so. However, there are several options of you can take for both nice looking and less budget. Check the options of bed canopy for girls below.

Bed canopy for girls with butterfly ceiling decorations

Cascading tent bed canopy for girls

Cascading tent is a single form of wide fabric which is hanged above the bed. Since the fabric will cover all sides of the bed, choose the fabric which is breathable material. Thus, you will not stuffy while you are sleeping. Moreover, cascading tent is full of fabric so choose lightweight with light color material. Doing this will make your look not smaller.

Zebra cascading tent bed canopy for girls

You will need four metal loops of about 2 inches in diameter, four sturdy hooks, a rope, and a wide fabric. Check the steps. First, screw the sturdy hooks on each bed post. Make sure you face the screw into the bed. Give one up to two inches distances from hook and the top of bed post. Second, on each hook hang the metals loop. Third, attach the rope from one loop to other loops. Make sure the rope you attached is strong enough. Last, hang the wide fabric over the ropes. Arrange the fabric as what you like. After that, secure the fabric by using fabric glue. You may add glitter, beads, or sequins for more attractive looks.

Light blue bed canopy for girls

Pink bed canopy sets for girls

Purple bed canopy for girls

Hoop bed canopy for girls
You need several materials to make hoop bed canopy yourself. They are four flowing fabrics, four sturdy metal loops (three up to five inches in diameter), four narrow pieces of fabric and have length about twice distance form ceiling to the floor, and four strong metal hooks. Check the steps below on how you can create hoop bed canopy.

White flower bed canopy for girls

Hoop bed canopy for girls

Hula hoop bed canopy for girls

First, Screw the metal hooks in the ceiling. Second, on each hook hang the metal loops. Third, hang the fabric on each loop. Slide each fabric so you will get the same size on each side. The last, you will have a bed which is covered with a soft fabric in four columns.

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