Paint Color Schemes Living Room Ideas

Do you have a special living room shape or design? You certainly confused to deciding the appropriate color and color combination to make it looks luxurious and elegant. There are various living room styles that commonly applied in many houses. The most common living room shape is rectangular and square with several special nook shape or unique window and door frame. Basically, they have similar shape and concept to create large or enough space for you and your family or guests.

We try to give you a sample where there is a rectangular living room with two windows and curving ventilation on the middle top between those windows. These windows and ventilation only installed on a wall in this living room. A modern fireplace is located on a middle wall, it is applied on cream stone tiles wall to bring the vintage accent in this living room. Dark wood plank floor is expected to blend perfectly with any color. Well this is only a beginner step before we start to give appropriate color ideas on it. There will be two color ideas which can be applied in this rectangular living room, for warm or cool with modern accent.


There are several color choices to complete these themes. For warm accent, the wall on this living room painted in Masada by Benjamin Moore or coffee milk color. While for the cool and modern accent, Montpelier or blue-grey is the best choice. The living room ceiling color of warm accent can be painted in Pashmina or brown-grey color, while the cool theme is suitable to be painted in Donemore Cream or Butter Cream color. Ballet White or Off-White color should be perfect to cover the top ceiling where the curving ceiling designed to fit the curving ventilation. This white color is suitable to be applied on both warm and cool theme.

Warm Theme

Cool Theme

The furniture in these living room themes can be the same. It will be better to choose neutral color such as: white, brown, and grey to combine the color ideas on the wall and ceiling.

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