Paint ideas for girls bedroom – What are suitable color combinations

Paint ideas for girls bedroom, Painting wall bedroom is probably one of the important things to develop a room beautifully decorated. Actually, painting would be so easy and simple, you can start with choose the favorite color that your teen girl loves and paint about it. You can paint the particular ceiling if it goes with the theme you desire. not just that, you can also paint the floor to match the walls or ceiling of your daughters bedroom.

Choosing colors and combining several colors to make it look harmonious and appropriate is not an easy work, you should plan it with full consideration, do not get result from a combination of different colors look unattractive. If you are not really understand in combining color, you can paint all four sides of the walls of your daughters bedroom with one color, and do not forget that the color selection should be by considering most colors preferred by our children then we can improve it by installing the wallpaper on one wall.

Theme and Paint ideas for girls bedroom

Painting and color selection usually follow a theme that we will achieve for girls bedroom. for example, The waves of the ocean are a good theme paint ideas for girls bedroom. This can be very colorful and done in a very nice way so that if your daughter love blue or have a fetish for the sea, you are bound to love this. Ocean theme also includes the beach which in contrast to the blue will be sunny and sandy. The yellow floor, the watery blue walls and the blue sky ceiling form a good combination.

Another theme that usually favored by most of girls is the Starlight. Even the theme is also perfect for your boy. Starlight theme is very easy to achieve, we only need create our own star patterns and color them likewise. Professional can also be hired but you can do it at home with the help of sponges and rubber stamps. Furniture can be decorated accordingly and you can have a star shaped rug to complete the picture.

Paint ideas for girls bedroom above are just a few examples that may inspire you in choosing colors and themes for your daughters bedroom. Painting for girls bedrooms at its core will be more perfect if you sit down and discuss with your daughter about what colors and themes like what that decorate his bedroom.

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