Portable Metal Garage Designs and Benefits

Portable metal garage,- You will have no any problem anymore once you want to build a garage on near your house. There are plenty of portable metal garage which are able to be placed on the yard. It is a garage which has capability to move and easy-to-build even you can do-it-yourself to make portable garage. Many automotive lovers choose this garage because it is inexpensive and flexible in this modern era. As usual, we will show you some designs and benefits of portable metal garage.

Portable metal garage with side door and window

Box Roof Style of Portable Metal Garage

The popular portable metal garage design is called as box roof style. This portable garage has a roof likely normal garage. However, you can place it wherever you want because it is portable version. Many of box roof style are featured with roll up garage doors because they are simpler than any garage doors styles. According to the picture, it is the sample of portable metal garage with box roof style including a door and roll up garage doors.

Portable metal garage with roll up doors

Box roof style portable metal garage

It was covered by white color as base and highlighted with green color. The dimension is 20’ wide x 20’ long x 8 leg height x 11’ 2’’ peak height. This is the most popular style because its form is very similar with a normal garage. We recommend you to use this one if you need a fast garage to cover your vehicle.

Red painted portable metal garage

One car portable metal garage

Portable metal garage green

Portable metal garage with side entry

Benefits of Portable Metal Garage
After showing you the design of portable metal garage, we have some benefits of this garage for you. The most important advantage is its economical prices. Can you imagine that you can make a shelter for your vehicle which has durability against extreme weather with low budget? Yes, you can. Lots of choices for this portable garage nowadays in the store with low budget options. Even you do not need to hire a contractor or professional to build this portable metal garage because you can DIY.

3 car portable garage with side entry door

It is quite easy because there are available with steps and pictures. Besides of that, metal portable garage has good strength with its steel framing and steel tubing. It has capability against fire, rust and termites too.

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