Primitive bathroom decor – Decorating style for bathroom

Primitive bathroom décor, For some people the primitive atmosphere in bathroom sometimes make the feeling become more comfortable. With the right decoration the Primitive/country feel can be perceived well. I think it not so difficult to make decorations like this, because the primitive design for bathroom will focus more on the usage of simple material and rustic decor.

According to some opinions Primitive bathroom decor typically fall into the shabby chic or country Americana categories. As we knew Both these styles emphasize items that aren’t necessarily new, and may have chipped paint and mismatched furniture, which in the bathroom, could be the clothes hamper and the towel rack or vanity bench.

From the articles that I had read, Primitive bathroom decor tends to feature a lot of white as a base paint color as well as faded pinks and greens. Additionally, natural colors like orange, red, yellow and brown count as popular colors in this style. Finally, the colors of Americana — red, white and blue — also find their way into the primitive country home.

If you are interested and want some accessories to transform bathroom with the primitive style, Finding items for primitive bathroom is relatively simple, because the style is so popular. Numerous outlets exist online. In addition to this, you can usually locate shabby chic items at flea markets, thrift stores, or in specialty stores like Anthropologie or Cost Plus World Market.  those places always provide a variety of unique furniture.

Primitive bathroom decor – furniture that you may need

To change the look of a bathroom into a classic and Primitive look, there are some furniture that you might need to support.

First you can add your primitive bathroom with both barn star toilet paper holder and Barn Star Towel Ring. both are rustic bath decor accessory and works great with  and country decorations.

Furthermore, the primitive sensation can strengthened with the addition of variety of other furniture such as bathroom shelves, washing stand and mirror at the same place. to increase the effect of harmony you can create with painted the walls and added the wainscoting & border.


As well as covering the entire complement of Primitive bathroom decor, you can also make some changes on the inside of the door area. This can be done by painting the bathroom door and add some touch of the primitive as shown in the image below.

That’s all little bit about Primitive bathroom decor, hopefully this article can be a little inspiration for you before you convert your bathroom into Primitive bathroom.

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