Privacy Window Treatments for the Bathroom Window

Every bathroom window that is installed in pretty much every bathroom always functions to secure privacy. Most, if not all, people also add a window to beautify their bathrooms. The latter is why people often go through a lot of decision making process just to pick which window design they should go with for the bathroom. If you are currently going through the same thing, below are some of the best ideas of privacy window treatments for the bathroom window.

Frosted glass for privacy bathroom window treatments

Roman shades bathroom window treatments

Not only will you have a fully functioning powder room window if you go with these shades but you will also make an eye-catching statement with it. The natural light is easy to control with these shades and they can illuminate softness on the hard bathroom surfaces. Sound can also be absorbed. The fact that this particular idea for privacy window treatment for the bathroom window can go with practically any design aesthetic and has an abundant choice of patterns and color easily makes it one of the most versatile powder room window treatment ideas. Note that, it is advisable for you to choose a fabric that requires easy cleaning and is resistant to mildew.

Faux wood blinds bathroom window
Another versatile bathroom window treatments because faux wood blinds can create an elegance look of real wood blinds while simultaneously still be able to resist high moisture areas which is an obvious bathroom characteristic. It is due to the fact that faux wood powder room portholes won’t warp, mildew or crack. It won’t be such a hassle to clean them as well. Faux wood blinds will create a traditional yet classic look in your bathroom. You can easily add decorative cloth tapes if you want to add a pop of color.

Woven woods
Woven woods is the perfect window treatment design for a contemporary or casual interior. The natural look of woven wood will do the work in enhancing your room by complementing another layer of visual as well as textural interest. The shades of woven woods will softly diffuse the light in while at the same time still provide you a feeling of privacy. It comes with a top down bottom up feature which allows you to add or reduce the amount of privacy and light as much as you want. You can easily add a blackout liner to give you extra privacy.

By picking the right privacy window treatments for the bathroom window, not only will you get privacy that you need but you can make a statement and add a personality to your bathroom.

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