Purple Bedroom Ideas for Elegant and Girly Look

Purple bedroom ideas,- Talking about bedroom design perhaps will make you confused in determining design and color. Bright or Dark color for bedroom is still being a debate, although we know that every person has the different desire in choosing right bedroom decor.  Purple bedroom is one of new way to decorate your bedroom. Purple can be chosen to make your bedroom looks glamour, fresh and cute and stay away from monotonous feeling. Most of purple actually is suitable for many girl teen bedroom but it doesn’t mean not suitable for your boys. Boy kids and boy teens can explore with this color if they like. Purple can be matched to the other color to make unique color combination.

Purple bedroom wall color ideas with white furniture

Purple Bedroom Decor Ideas

Before applying purple decoration, you need to determine what’s the best theme for your bedroom and who’s will stay to this bedroom, is it for teen girl, teen boys or adult women. For  adult women, you can explore the decoration with luxurious sense, while if it is aimed for teens or children, make sure that the purple bedroom ideas don’t go outside from their age should be.

Purple bedroom ideas for master bedroom

Purple bedroom ideas with luxurious headboard

Purple luxury master bedroom ideas

Wall Decoration
Bedroom can look so beautiful  when the wall is painted with purple. If you feel that purple act to change the bright color to be darker, add another color to match it such as white or grey for the wall. Combination between  purple and yellow is extremely good for bedroom that is lack of light and ventilation.  Plain purple and plain white can be applied for your bedroom walls. The use of wallpaper may be useful. It can give elegant look for adult women’s bedroom.If necessary, you can add black for some furniture like a bench, headboard and for few cabinets there, while the floor is designed with hardwood flooring or small square tiles for narrow bedroom and larger square tiles for large bedroom.

Purple bedroom ideas with wall lamp

Purple bedroom furniture set for modern bedroom

Purple bench and chair bedroom furniture ideas

Fabric and Furniture
In term of fabric, you can explore with curtains and bedding sheets, choose purple for bedding sheet, white pillows and white bed. Or if possible, you can choose a bedding sheet that offers the both. While for a bedroom curtain, choose a soft purple to match with the bolder purple of some sides of bedroom walls.

Purple luxury bedroom furniture sets

Purple bedroom with luxury bedroom chandelier

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