Round Bathroom Rugs for Chicer Bathroom Style

Bathroom is area in the house where gallons of water found. There will be spread water on the bathroom floor, wall, and bathtub curtain when it is in use. Bathroom is an area with high humidity, so no wonder if it feels so moist anytime. There are various styles of bathroom including by adding some fabric material on it such as rug. Round bathroom rugs are commonly chosen to beautify a bathroom especially for small bathroom space. Well, larger space of bathroom certainly can apply this round rug. But it is more suitable for smaller bathroom with limited space on the floor.

By adding round bathroom rugs on the bathroom center, you will create such a focal point in the bathroom. Furthermore with various designs and colors that can be suited into your bathroom interior design. We give you two samples of round bathroom rugs application in the bathroom.

A round bathroom rug located in the middle bathroom floor looks stunning with blue color that matches with wallpaper on the wall. The rug diameter is perfect to cover the interior space of bathroom and give a dry space in the middle area right in front of vanity. Yellow color on the center rug represents the burst star as a focal point in the bathroom. The same color is applied on the rug border to fit the star color in the middle. The fabric material seems kind of cotton and smooth wool to pleasant your feet, even it looks comfortable to sit.

This creamy wool round bathroom rug looks luxurious and high class in this large bathroom. The cream color of this round bathroom rug is contrast with color that applied on the bathroom floor. Glossy grey of porcelain covers the entire part of bathroom floor. With this creamy round bathroom rug applied on the center of grey floor, make this rug become glamorous point in this bathroom. Pink and white color applied on the wall and furniture increase the chic accent in this modern bathroom.

In conclusion, there are many styles especially motif and color of round bathroom rugs. The thing you should do is only suit your bathroom interior design and color with those rugs. And you will find the best round rug for bathroom.

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