Rubber ducky bathroom decor – Rubber duck bathroom theme

Rubber ducky bathroom decor, Almost all kids love these cute rubber duck. Bright colors of it are illustrate the child’s life that are so cheerful. Decorating bathroom with this rubber duck themed will certainly add a happy feeling for kids while in the bathroom. Especially if your child has their own bathroom, rubber duck decor is worth trying for your baby shower theme. Want to make rubber duck decorations for your child’s bathroom? The following are bit of ideas that you can possibly use as child bathroom remodeling steps.

An important point in the Rubber ducky bathroom decor

There are some important points to keep in mind when you are going to decorate the bathroom with a rubber ducky theme. The changes were made on this important point can accelerate the visual appearance of the theme. Some of that important point are:

Selecting bathroom colors
The selection of colors that will be used on the entire room is helpful in the development of rubber duck theme. yellow is the color appropriate for this rubber duck theme. adding smooth touch of blue will enhance the cooling as well as the water representation in this duck theme. shades of yellow and blue can be combined perfectly. if you want to add another color white is the right color for duck theme decoration.

Duck Shower Curtain
The use of duck shower curtain is an easy and quick way to add a striking impression and immediately see the changes. you can purchase a variety of curtain on the market. Many different patterns and sizes that are sell on market will allow you in free to choose. Choose according to your favorite and the right size for your bathroom.

Design of the bathroom wall
the bathroom walls are obvious side, do not let bathroom walls seem less attractive. change your bathroom wall to make it more harmonious with the theme. Create the impression of a duck theme on the walls of the bathroom is not a difficult job. You can frame some pictures and put a rubber duck on the wall that looks empty. if it does not give the impression of attractive, you can paint it or put a rubber duck wall decal fill the entire one side of the wall.

Accessories and presence Rubber duck in the bathroom
Incomplete if the rubber ducky themed bathroom did not bring the rubber duck in the bathroom itself. You can complete it with a variety of accessories sighting ducks. such as Toothbrush Holder, Rugs, Soap Dishes and Dispensers, etc. you can put in various places, eg in the bathroom shelf.

I think some of the points mentioned above it is enough to change the look your bathroom become rubber ducky bathroom decor.

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