Shower Stall Doors – 3 Most Popular Types And Designs

Changing shower stall doors could be the best and cheap way to refresh your bathroom in an efficient way. You do not need to replace the entire bathroom which wasting your money instantly. The problem comes when we do not know how to choose the right stall doors for our modern bathroom. This issue is the same once you want to redesign other room of your home. The different is that shower stall doors come with some different types which require different configurations or settings too. Moreover, this guide is only your preference before you buy one of them. So, you will have more confidence to redesign your bathroom.

Frosted glass shower stall doors with stainless steel door handles

Frameless shower stall doors with bamboo glass pattern

Bypass shower stall doors

There are some types of shower stall doors which available in the stores these days. The first one is named as bypass door. This shower door has sliding features which beneficially for a small bathroom because it does not eat so much space at all. For your information, this kind of shower door only requires three panels for the tracks. In addition, the tracks provide the bottom and top sides only. You can open it widely too. Commonly, this door is used for standalone showers. It is very recommended if you want versatile and simple stall doors.

Bypass shower stall doors with frosted glass

Black framed bypass shower stall doors with clear glass

Round shower door
The third door is round door of shower stall. If you have corner showers, this door is preferable than other types. The door will be functioned when you open it inwards. I am impressed with the stability of round shower door because it has secure placements on the top and bottom frame. Moreover, this door has also curved design which increases the spacious feel when we are taking a bath. If you think that this door is only able to a side, you are wrong. You can open it reversible into a right of left anywhere you want.

Round shower stall doors with stainless steel and clear glass

Framed round shower stall doors with frosted glass

Pivot shower door
Last but not least of shower stall doors is pivot door type. Yeah, this door has pivot as same as its name obviously. The system of the door is swinging system or one panel only. Once you realize that your bypass door is not appropriate to the space of your bathroom, this one is your alternative.

Pivot shower stall doors with silver frame and clear glass

Pivot shower stall doors with decorative glass pattern

It can accommodate the lack of shower’s space obviously. For your information, the width of this door starts from 36 inches until 48 inches according to your demand actually. You can choose single or double panel options too. Lastly, the installation will suit with the current bathroom’s layout.

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