Simple Design of Furniture for Small Living Rooms

Space saving furniture is perfect solution of furniture for small living rooms. Basically, living room typically consists of coffee table, sofa set, and TV set if possible. There will be various wall accessories such as: painting, book shelves, fireplace, or wall lamp in several small living rooms. But for effective space in small living room, kind of small and double purposes furniture is recommended to save your living room space.

Coffee table is a must in living room. This furniture commonly located in the center between the chairs or sofa set. Well, let’s choose a coffee table with double or even multi function. In this picture, we pick an ottoman which can be used as coffee table in certain time and seat at other time. But actually, it provide quite space for storage when the ottoman seat lifted off. This multipurpose ottoman is kind of perfect furniture for small living rooms.

Sofa is main living room furniture either small or large living room. But for small space living room, sometimes you can not apply kind of love seat or L letter shape sofa. Actually, four chairs in face to face arrangement are as beautiful as bigger sofa or larger sofa set for large living room. White color on these modern chairs suits the living room wall color to enlarge the small living room space.

Various designs of living room furniture included chairs and coffee table can be applied in small living room since they are designed in small scale. The attractive sample of this furniture can be seen in the picture. There is a chair without armchair designed with blue lily motif, a simple turning chair, and small wooden coffee table in the middle. The furniture for small living rooms seem arranged depends on the family number live in the house.

In conclusion, furniture for small living room should be simpler but intentionally designed with multipurpose feature. Smart and creative ideas in applying this kind of multifunction furniture will give you more benefit than common living room furniture that usually applied in large living room.

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