Six Options of Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns

Kitchen is another place which has unpredictable climate besides bathroom. In this room, you will certainly find hot, cold, moist, dry and musty feeling as well as the moist accent find in the bathroom. The appropriate kitchen flooring must be picked gently. Here are six options of kitchen floor tile patterns which can be picked.

Kitchen Floor Tile Patterns Options

  • Vinyl: vinyl is very flexible choice for kitchen flooring idea. It is water, tear, and stain resistant. There are various models and colors that are ready to choose to décor the kitchen. It is very simple to clean by sweeping and mopping as usual.
  • Linoleum: As like vinyl, linoleum is durable, water, fire, and scratches resistant. It is designed as environmentally friendly and easy to clean.
  • Laminate: Laminate is kind of layer. It needs special maintenance than the others but it is easy enough since you followed the manufacturer instruction. Wood, ceramic, and stone realistic look are available to trick your guests.
  • Stone: Stone is durable but hard enough for long time standing on it. The installation process needs sealer and stain. You will need non acidic cleaner for the maintenance.
  • Hardwood: It is natural material to create warm accent in the kitchen. It is soft and suitable for long time standing. For the maintenance, it is needed to be waxed once a year.
  • Ceramic: There are many options for patterns and colors. It is durable and easy to clean by wiping it using wet cloth.

Small kitchen floor tile patterns with some different colors combined together look pretty in this warm kitchen. Those tiles are arranged tidily in a certain pattern on the entire kitchen floor. The color looks harmony with the kitchen wall and appliances.

It is such creative idea of kitchen floor tile patterns. Large ceramic with various colors and patterns arranged diagonally to create unique sense in this artistic kitchen. Although the cabinetry looks common, the floor pattern make this kitchen attractive.

Well, when we decide to choose flooring idea for the kitchen, we should pick the appropriate kitchen floor tile patterns to décor and suit the kitchen function.

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